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    Good regens from bad/obscure countries

    What's the weirdest nation that brought you a world class player/talent? I've got a wonderkid from Georgia and a promising keeper from Bolivia, so i was curious to see if you had a great player from worse countries. Screenshots: I had to loan out the keeper in order for him to get a work permit.
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    The road to recovery- Stockport County

    As you may know Stockport have had a large downfall lately. Going from Championship to Conference North in 14 years, in that time Stockport suffered 7 relegations and only 1 promotion. In 2011 Stockport went out of the football league for the first time in their 128 year history and haven't...
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    Rise of The Tigers

    Hyde United is a football club in Hyde, Greater Manchester, England. Formed in 1919, the club was known as Hyde F.C. from 2010 to 2015. The team's strip is red shirts and white shorts and their home ground is the 4,250 capacity Ewen Fields. Hyde United's record attendance was in 1952 when 7,600...
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    Segunda Divsion B

    Hi guys I'm doing the Big Euro Challenge in Spain and I was wondering has anyone got a save where Torrejón, Alcobendas or Adarve promoted to Segunda Division B. If you do can you upload it? Please I'm tired of waiting for them to come up XD
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    FC Balzers- Rise from Swiss lower league obscurity!

    FC BALZERS FC Balzers is a Liechtensteiner football team that plays in Balzers. FC Balzers have some history as they won Liechtenstein cup 11 times, however they are overshadowed by FC Vaduz who have are playing in Swiss top flight and have won Liechtenstein Cup 42 times (!) The...
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    FC Kalkara - Maltese Adventure

    Kalkara Football Club is a Maltese football club from the seaside village of Kalkara, overlooking the Grand Harbour in Malta, which currently plays in the Maltese Third Division. Club information: My goals: -Win promotion to 3rd tier (done 2015) -Win promotion to 2nd tier -Win...
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    Jorge Troitero- Young man from Sao Tome and Principe, with managment ambitions

    My name is Jorge Troitero, i have played with sereval clubs from Sao Tome like Barrios Unidos, Praia Cruz, Andorinha Sport Club. Then I was signed by Somalian club Elman FC. However, my carrer ended when I broke my leg, while I was playing for Elman, at the age of 19. Then I moved to Nyon, to...
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    vv Zwaluwen- From the lower leagues of the Netherlands to glory

    Voetbalverenging Zwaluwen, also known as Zwaluwen V. or Zwaluwen Vlaardingen, is a football club from Vlaardingen in South Holland, the Netherlands. The club is playing in the 4th tier right now, but I hope to change that! My main goal is to make the club as strong as possible. My...
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    New Story

    Would you like me to make an oceanian journeyman story?
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    Aldo Simoncini

    What do you think of him? Is he good enough to be professional?
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    Boston United: "I'll pick you up when you go down, always..."

    Boston United has gone down from 4th tier to 7th, but have won promotion to the 6th tier. They were the members of the Football League, most recently in 2007. However the club can't find a way back to the FL, not even to Conference Premier! I want to rebuild the club and take it back to the FL...
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    can you show me the psni fc club in fm 15? thanks.
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    I will make a new story when I get fm15, so on friday/saturday. But i want to ask what team to take, i have some options, tell me which is best or make a suggestion: -PSNI FC (NIFL CHAMPIONSHIP) why?: it's a interesting club, it's associated with Police Service of Nothern Ireland, it's in 2nd...
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    Worst season ever

    What was the worst club in the league you have ever seen? On my save one team got 2 points from 34 matches.
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    Man from Guatemala- Luis Fernando Irazque

    My name is Luis Fernando Irazque. I was an semi-pro and amateur player for 14 years. I was playing for CD Azuacareros. When i became 29, i knew i wouldn't be a professional player, so i have became a head coach. To start my carrer I have moved to Czech Republic. Here I Am: Wish me luck.