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    jbolas' guide to Havant & Waterlooville

    jbolas' guide to Havant & Waterlooville Information: Year Founded: 1998 Status: Semi-Professional Reputation: Local Chairman Status: Happy to Stay Legends: James Taylor Icons: Timmy Hambley Other Rivals: Weymouth, Eastleigh Finances: Okay Average Ticket: £10.00 Average Season Ticket: £147...
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    João Moutinho signs for FC Porto

    On July 3, 2010, to the surprise of many longtime Sporting CP supporters, multiple sources announced Moutinho had signed a long-term contract with club rivals, FC Porto. Such reports would be confirmed the next day with details on Moutinho's sale for €10 million to go alongside FC Porto...
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    05bolasj Story Header Request Thread

    Request a Story Header here I have decided to make a story header request thread because it is something I can do to help others on the site as well as some people find it hard to crop the headers. There is no template but make the request easy to read ...... Examples:
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    Sky Sports News pulled from Freeview

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/10346894.stm BSkyB has announced that Sky Sports News is to become a pay-TV channel, after eight years of being available on Freeview. No more soccer saturday or Jeff Steffling ....... What do you think about this ?
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    Favourite Stadium

    After looking through a stadium background pack, I want to know what is everyone's favourite stadium they have been to. Wheter for a match, tour or just a wander around. I also want to know what stadiums you would like to visit.
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    05bolasj Kit Request Thread

    I have decided to make a kit request thread because I have learned now how to make kits for Football Manager. I want to do this thread because I want to practice my kit making and help others on this site. I am using the ss09 kit style & ls09 kit style so please state which style you would like...
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    Free Players 10.3

    After looking through my game, I came up with a list of well known players who are frees in the new 10.3 patch. This is to help managers using the new patch and it maybe a good idea if anyone wants to add any other players to the list. 10.3 Free Players Olivier Dacourt DM/CM - EX Roma/Inter...
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    Pompey Chimes

    Pompey Chimes Today Portsmouth FC have capured manager; Jack Bolas. He was welcomed at Fratton on the South Coast on a cold february afternoon by Portsmouth Director; Peter Storrie. Peter Storrie said "I hope Jack has got enough experience and faith to keep Portsmouth in the Premiership"...
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    Breaking Down The Berlin Wall

    Breaking Down The Berlin Wall Today Bundesliga 2 team FC Union Berlin have capured manager; Jack Bolas. He was welcomed at the Stadion An der Alten Försterei in the capital of Germany on a cold february afternoon by FC Union Berlin chairman; Dirk Zingler. Dirk Zingler said "I hope Jack has...
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    Network Game Now - League 1

    Join now if you want to play a league 1 network game. FM_Football Password:football Then message me for more details (H) Have Been Taken: Leeds - Jason Millwall - Daniel Southend - Jack Norwich - Freddie Hartlepool - Elio Carlisle - Carlos Charlton - Tass Huddersfield - Birch Swindon -...
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    Logo & Kit Trouble

    I downloaded kits for football manager 2010 which are shown in the match screen when playing matches but now I want to change back from kits to logos being shown. Can anyone help, this would be much appreciated, I have tried this but the playing screen ends up with neither logos or kits