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    Save wont load?

    My save won't load? I haven't played my save for about a week and now it doesn't want to load, It loads up a little bit and stops, Causing my laptop to freeze, I've had this problem before but I fixed it while setting my laptop back to factory settings, This is not an option no more as I have...
  2. J

    Stadium Names

    Just thought it'd be nice to see some New Stadium names in your Football Managers. Guess I'll get things Started. Chelsea, A Very, Very, Cringe worthy name? SC Freiburg (Named after Löw) Valencia
  3. J

    Live scores?

    any websites that I can keep up to date to football, Like skysports or Livescores.com Others needed that update pretty fast.. Skysports has around a 2-3minute delay so does Livescores Thanks.
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    Where to improve? Southampton 3rd Season.

    Really don't know where to improve? A lot of people will find it easy but I'm going into my 3rd after winning the Premier league 2 times already I don't need a striker, Pelle may be 29 but he smashed 36 league goals in last season and I've got good backups Don't need to Improve my AMC/AMR/AML...
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    Manchester City - British Lions

    Like [Coolmcool] Only signings players from France, But with this one and Manchester City. Only UK Based players. I'm only allowed to sign players from this region, thus the title of British Lions. Manchester City Legend Joe Corrigan Takes Charge! Joe is known for making over 400 apps...
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    An Idiot Abroad, Journeyman

    An Idiot Abroad Win everything in the highest Division possible once achieved, I can move onto the next country. First 10 countries. First Adventure! Balestier Khalsa FC First Team There's much work needed for this team, Maybe anyways, I'm not 100% on what's good or bad in the...
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    Starting to get bored, Anything new?

    Starting to get bored of FM recently, I've done a few Saves.. Udinese where I took them into the best team in the World I've taken Bradford PA to the prem and won the CL and recently doing Real Oviedo, But I'm getting bored, Is there any FM Challenges that are fun and long? Thanks.
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    jDenzy - Be A Player, Be the best!

    I know they're a few BaP' but they're fun when your involved so I though I'd give it a crack. Use this. [PA will be set at 190] [CA will be set at 85] First Name - Last Name - Date of Birth(Add the year.) - City of Birth - Nation(s) - Height(CM) - Weight(kg) - Foot - Position(s)(Max 3) -...
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    Real Oviedo

    Real Oviedo - The Pride of Spain So I was mid way though an old story I was going to do for the forums but I seen a documentary on Real Oviedo and it forced me into doing a save with them. so here we go. So a bit of background, Real Oviedo had some money problems a few years ago and...
  10. J

    Belgium Challenge [KFC]

    Simple Really, I take over the worse Belgium team in FM14 Only aloud to sign Belgium players, Eventually having a full youth eleven playing at the highest level! Rules: DON'T SIGN ANYBODY WHO ISN'T BELGIUM. [Home Grown does count] As you can see it's very poor at everything, So I've got...
  11. J

    Request a view of a player [Future save] [2026]

    Okay so I've had this save and I don't want to delete it but I want to do something with it. So If you have a player you want to view for the future, Maybe somebody you want to buy and want to see how he does. (Remember this doesn't always mean they will turn out on your save) (Also I have...
  12. J

    FM14 Won't Launch?

    So.. Once I press play on FM14 it comes up with 'preparing game' or what ever it normally says.. Then it don't do anything, If anything it makes it worse. It freezes all my laptop, this has never happened cause I've played over 400hours on FM this is the first time, I've not added any new...
  13. J

    Rivaldo Enters Management!

    I was impressed with Mexico at the WC this year, Sadly losing earlier to Holland, I was going to do Costa Rica but Ochoa made me make the little extra Step to Mexico :) "I'm very happy to take charge of Mexico, They have a lot of young talent in this country and I want to help them produce...
  14. J

    Under 21 Challenge - West Brom

    So I seen this on Youtube and it looked pretty good to try. Challenge is not to buy anybody 22 or over.. Anyone at the club at this moment will be able to stay but I won't be able to sign anybody who is 22 or over, Obviously if i buy someone at the club and they age to 22+ That's okay...
  15. J

    Time to leave my beloved club?

    I've spent 10 years at the club, At the end of the season it will 11th year. I have seriously enjoyed my time at the club bringing in some of the best Regens and making them even better But I feel like it's time to move on but I do want some feedback, Should I leave? Here's some pictures...