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Recent content by joefrizz

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    Trained at Club Home grown Status

    I know that a player can be a trained at club home grown if they trained by your club for 3 years between age 15-21 my question is: if I buy a player when he's 18 and I loan him out for 1 or 2 full season to other club then by the time he's 21 will he become trained at club home grown for my...
  2. J

    Tutoring problems

    I'm struggling finding the right tutor for my young players, i have a lot of young talents in my southampton team but i found it really hard to find the right tutor for them, almost all ended up badly I had Shane Long with resolute personality tutoring Bilal Ould-Chikh who also have resolute...
  3. J

    Young Players Development (Loan or not ?)

    as a southampton manager I have some promising young hot prospect in the squad, which is better for their development, to loan them out to lower league clubs for first team experience or just let them train in the club ? I have good coaches overall with training score between 4/4.5/5 stars in...
  4. J

    Can you get rid negative mental attributes from young player ?

    I scouted Jermaine Anderson, have a decent PA and good stats for his age, but his mental attributes like uncomfortable playing in big matches and inconsistent performer worry me. here's the stats Can you get rid negative mental attributes from young player ? maybe through tutoring or...
  5. J

    Contract Negotiation Problem (what's goin on with these restrictions??)

    sorry I don't know where to put this thread so Everton accept my bid for John Stones (2.5M + Sadio mane), but when it time to negotiate contract I can't offer him more than 100 p/w salary as you can see I can only offer salary for 100 p/w max, and signing on fee 4k max, while I have team...
  6. J

    Free Transfer Players 2nd Season (worth to sign or not?)

    the start of 2nd season with Southhampton, some well known players became free agent the list interested on John Gudetti, Gael Kakuta, Micah Richards for backup players worth to to sign or not ? but Richards want £73,000/week ...3 times higher than Clyne's wages my first choice RB the stats
  7. J

    Lionel Messi just for 18K

    unfortunately not the argentinian one :@
  8. J

    Very High Rating Player (even when losing badly)

    first of all, please excuse my poor english James Ward-Prowse profile/attributes in the end of first season He is the culprit, I just playing FM again recently since the last one I played was the 2012 edition, so you guys probably already knew all about him but anyway this is the player I'm...
  9. J

    Ridiculous Loan Contract

    so I start a new game with napoli ...first thing first I check which player on loan in and loan out ..I found Lucarelli on loan in my team ..and Parma pay the wages for duration of loan ..and the agreed transfer fee is 1K !! ..really just 1K ... that's weird ... and then I dig deeper I...