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Recent content by jonnyharb

  1. J

    Aston villa Take over differences

    I keep getting Graham Taylor taking over every save! so frustrating lol because i hate him :'( what other take overs have you had?
  2. J

    tactics are saved as .fmf files? something up with that?

    anyone else get this? very wierd
  3. J

    Real Madrid Team Discussion

    Thought I would start a thread for my one Club I love and what i think :) feel free to tell me your thoughts and game updates! This is not a story but a discussion! ​ Real Madrid C.F Football club football club based in Madrid, Spain. Founded in 1902 as Madrid Football Club, the team has...
  4. J

    4-2-2-2 with wingers, anyone got one working?

    Normaly someone has got a decent one working for top teams, not on fm14 though....anyone?
  5. J

    Poll Vote Best Tactic on FM Base for FM2014

    Lets have a vote like someone mentioned for the Best Tactic for FM 14, a successful post last year for FM13 was great. 8-|
  6. J

    Faces on Barcelona and Real Madrid players - HELP

    ok ive got faces on the players in game, but i cant find the actual .png files they are reading from? wierd! for example, i want to change just Messi face, but i cant find the file to change it? someone help?
  7. J

    2 Striker Formation with Winger

    has anyone got a good tactic, that utilises 2 strikers, and wingers and is also good defensively, ive struggled to do it myself, and many tactics ive used on here dont quite do it. just wondering?
  8. J

    a 442 with Target man

    has anyone got a good 442 tactic with a target man? ive tried to make one but failing miserably
  9. J

    Best 4-2-3-1 on FM 14?

    using steatons annilation at moment............. is it the best? opinions? its doing ok, but not amazing :@
  10. J

    Best 4231 tactic on 14.3.1

    I have been using Tottenham supreme 4231, which has worked well but I would like to change it up, and failed miserably in making my own anyone got or suggest a decent one? Tried alot on forum
  11. J

    Second Season Syndrome - aston villa

    Hi guys, im a frequent forumer on here... Im a villa fan for my sins!! ha! I keep having second season syndrome. Where as I have a good first season, and then second season I struggle, even though I improve the squad alot!, lets be honest the villa squad is not that good. I end up gettting...
  12. J

    Defending Set Pieces?

    anyone got a good set up? can corners are a nightmare for me to defend!
  13. J

    Southampton Tactic

    Ive been looking around on the forums for a Southampton tactic, which utilises the movement and skills of Lallana Rameriz and Lambert, aswell as Osvaldo, with Wanyama and Schneidlin in the middle, also Shaw and Clyne bursting from full back hard to find one, and the tactics ive tried off here...
  14. J

    Skrill Premier Team - empty squad random players selection - Fun Challenge

    Im going to be picking a skrill premier team, and emptying their squad and using FUT random selector to pick 32 players and they have to move to my club via the Editor (I pinched this idea from someone else on here, so thought i would copy him and show what my team looks like :) ) Jo Harber...
  15. J

    Network Game

    anyone fancy playing? between 5-10? some one can be the host?