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    Low Block (or Low defense line)

    Was wondering if anyone has successfully made a tactic with low block (low def line) that works. I'm having problem trying to just get it to work and not lose it matches. thanks in advance
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    trouble with Away games

    i hope im not the only one but im getting low possessions in away games. the highest would be like 49%. but home games im doing ok with an average about 55-60% depending on the opponents or my domination of the match. anyone having the same problem? btw i play a 4123 thanks in advance
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    Saul vs Koke

    Hi, as per title. Not sure which would be a better midfielder. Will be playing em as a DLP support mainly but at times as a midfielder going forward to occupy the amc position, pick out passes and if possible arrival late in the box to finish off chances. Thanks in advance
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    Not too sure about where to post questions about training but here goes nothing. When u see a report from your coaches or scouts that says the player "Should be in the gym working on his overall athleticism" does it mean we should train the player to improve his strength?stamina?balance...
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    looking for fullback/wingback

    Can anyone recommend a fullback/wingback wonderkid? Nothing too expensive pls. Thanks
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    martin odegaard

    So wanna ask has anyone manage to sign martin odegaard from within the first 3 seasons. If so how is it done? He seems reluctant to leave
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    John Stones vs Jose Gimenez

    Kind of a hard pick for me. Would like to ask for your advise, suggestions or recommendations. Between the 2 of them who would be a better if u want a super solid DC. Also anyone has screenshots of these 2 say in the year 2020 or 2023.. Somewhere along those time line. Thanks in advance
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    questions about creative freedom and others

    Basically my formations seem to be working better when I select the expressive option tho I have in on neutral or when my other formation works better without any selection when I want that formation to be played discipline. Any opinions, suggestions or advise are welcome. Also I'm having...