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    Finding a video on you tube

    Hi fellow colleagues! Last night one of my players scored an amazing goal and I uploaded it on You Tube. Can anyone out there help on how to find it on my You Tube profile?
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    Silverware brought to Elland Road

    I don't know if I 'm going to create a new story (feeling a bit rusty ha ha ), but I am so excited for this huge achievement I have just pulled that I wanted to share with all of you ! Allan Smith, (our hero) former Leeds star player , started his coaching career in his beloved club in 2016...
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    Has anyone else bought this guy ?

    I know that I am little bit late (since fm17 is about to leave us) I would like to ask if anyone of you has bought Sergio Reguilion. In my save with Leeds I found him free while I was searching for a replacement for Charlie Taylor while i was still in championship. Now I have reached year 2023...
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    Cheat or not ?

    I would to ask you if it is consider a cheat when someone search for a player using filters instead of using scouting reports ? For example there are various filters in the internet that we can use in order to search for a player with a spesific role (AP, DLF, IF etc). We download them and...
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    Ready to start a save with the new database

    So this time I will start something new. Instead of waiting for the new fm I started a new save with the all the new rosters. If this keep my good company I will not buy the new version of our favorite game and I will keep on playing fm2017. My new save is going to be with my favorite team (I...
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    New Milan !!

    Hello to everyone ! I would like to ask if any of you has started a new save with A.C. Milan with all their new transfers. Appart from the amazing players that the squad already has what is the trasnfer budget that the board gives to the new manager ? I would appreciate if you can post any...
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    Should I stay or should I go ?

    So I am in the summer of 2021 in my save with Leeds United. I have just won my second Europa League cup in a row after a fantastic performance in the final against Barcelona where I won 3-0. During the current season I have created my own tactic (so far I have been using a tactic from Giannis...
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    How can I help my team attack with more players ?

    Good day to you all!! I would like to hear your opinion on the issue I seem to have with a tactic which I have just created. I want to play a 4-1-2-2-1 formation with four at the back , one half back with defend duty , one box to box midfielder , one DLP with support duty , two wingers (with...
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    Leeds United 2nd season

    Hello to everyone. I 've started a save with Leeds United and now I am in the beginning of the 2nd season. Did not manage to qualify for the play offs since I finished 7th but I feel that this time it is going to happen. I play a 4-4-2 tactic of my own and I would appreciate if anyone could...
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    4-3-3 and team width

    Hello to everyone ! I have a tactical question and I would be very happy if anyone out there could give a hand. I have created a quite decent 4-3-3 tactic for a save I have with a mediorate greek team. I want the widht of my team to be quite guide but in the same time the three lines (defence ...
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    Thomas Lemar

    Hello everyone ! I am in 2019 with A.C. Milan (in my second save since the first one crashed) and while I was looking for a good left winger (I already have Gonsalo Martinez) , I saw that Monaco player Thomas Lemar although is considered as a central midfielder , his attributes are perfect for...
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    Change the appearence of the manager

    Hello to everyone ! I would like to ask if it is possible to change the appearence of the manager I have created ? I tried to find something in preferences but nothing ...
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    I was wondering about various combinations in the instructions that we pick when we build a tactic. For example when you choose attacking mentality most of the time (at least in my save) the players start to shoot from long range the minute they get the ball to their feet. Will the combination...
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    Hepl with my A.C. Milan save

    Hello to everyone! I would love to hear your thoughts about the difficulties I am facing with the tactic I use in my A.C. Milan save. I am using a 4-2-3-1 tactic. My main eleven (and the roles that I have gave them) are the following: Gianlulgi Donnarumma Goalkeeper Mattia De Sciglio...
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    Billy the Greek

    INTRODUCTION I am a member of this forum since 2013. Up till now all you guys with your wonderful stories have been keeping me great company during these “boring hours in work” , you know when you take your serious look and stare your monitor like you read something very important! The idea...