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    Teams can't buy players

    Hi i have downloaded fm 16 and started a save with liverpool and although i have money and the finances are fine it tells me i cant buy X and asks me to delay the transfer.. the other teams also cant buy.. How do i solve it? ?
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    need the latest update for fm 14

    i need the latest update for fm 14..i don't like 15.. i want an update of 14-15 season to 14.. the winter 15 update will be great.. summer 14-15 is good also. thanks
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    Best role and instructions

    Hi.. I have coutinho in my save...he has developed to be great..he is good almost like gotze at profile.. my question is how to use him the best? which role? and which instructions? - as an AML.. i have weiss as AMR and Felipe Anderson as AMC..AND fierro as a striker..and although they are not...
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    who will it work better?

    i want to play 4-2-3-1 with winger in right side and an inside Forwad-A in left side..which will be the second scorer in the team..like Ronaldo\Reus.. how will it work better? with which role in the AMC posion? moving from position or not? which width? which passing? thanks for helpers.
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    dortmund style at reality

    i like Durtmund's playing style at reality and i want to play like that in the FM.. so to who knows them well.. what roles are they playing? and what game style- passing, marking....difensive line, width, tempo... thanks.
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    how will it work better?

    i'm playing at the attack like that: ST-P AML- AP AMC- AM AMR- W all ATTACK DUTY which team instructions will be good? which Width and Tempo?
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    help in building tactic to my squad

    ok..so i'm with beitar jerusalem- an Israeli team at 4th season my question is which roles will be good to my attack which concludes: Fierro, Coutinho, Weiss, Felipe Anderson in the central mid- Nir biton (a good player -DLP\B2B style YAYA toure), and i have a good rajen style m'vila so how to...
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    Improve defense dramaticly

    Hi. I'm in my 3rd season in Sporting Gijon and i want to improve my defense very much. i want 2 Cental defenders who will be like a wall...also against big teams like Real ,Barcelona Manchester Etc. so...my options are: zapata kjaer shawcross vertonghen miranda (atletico) Botia (i have him)...
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    Germany's Euro 2012 tactic download

    hi Can someone give me Germany's tactic for download? i found it here:Germany | EURO 2012 ~ Football Manager Blog | 1st in Football Manager but i can't download it from there..if someone success please upload it to another site.. Can someone give me it from there or from another site? thanks
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    How to play to get the max from my squad?

    ok...so i have a dilema.. i don't know how to play to get the best results with sporting gijon.. my players are: GK: patricio Defense: vrsaljko , walker , alex sandro , dominguez, boyata , botia midfield: willian, douglas costa , weiss , piatti, nainggolan , fernando (porto), camacho, henrik...
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    OK so i'm with Sporting Gijon 2ND season and i need help in using the maximux of the ability of my players in the attacking part.. my players are:AMs: Willian , Piatti , Douglas Costa , Weiss and the Strikers are: Damiao and paloschi i like 4-2-3-1 very much but if i play with wingers it won't...
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    Dont know how to play

    OK so i'm with Sporting Gijon 2ND season and i need help in using the maximux of my sqoud in the attacking part.. my players are:AMs: Willian , Piatti , Douglas Costa , Weiss and the Strikers are: Damiao and paloschi so.. how do you think i should play to get the best results?
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    Which Tactic would be best for me?

    I'm with Sporting Gijon 2nd season.. I have a Dilema in the attacking part... My players are: CM: Enoh, Badelj , Jenssen AMs: Willian , Douglas Costa , Vladimir Wiess , Eriksen STs: Quintero , Salomon Rondon , Fierro So..Which Formation and Roles Will Get The Best from the players? Thanks...
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    need help in building a tactic

    hi. i need your help in building a tactic which will fit to my team...i think that my team can be better.. I'm with an israeli team that you dont know i guess.. i have a lot of good AMs and wingers ..a good deep lying playmaker.. a good striker- fierro..and very very good SBs which can be...