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Recent content by ltfcwoody

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    Can anyone help me

    can anybody help me i cant get skins to work i put it in documents--sports interactive--football manager 2013---skins but when i go to change the skin the only skin there is the default skin.
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    does anybody know why i cant change skins

    i have put a skin in the correct place of documents/sports interactive/football manager 2012/skins but it does not give me the option on the interface tab it only says fm 2012 default skin avaible. does anybody know why i cant change the skin
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    Does anybody know why my board request bar is not there?

    is there meant to be a board request bar on fmc
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    Board requests question

    Are board requests possible in football manager classic?
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    What is everyone complaining about

    Everbody on this site is complaining the game is too hard. i cant see what is wrong with it i think it may be harder than previous games but not unrealisticly hard. im playing as portsmouth and after 29 games im 17th and portsmouth are 15th in league one atm so it is not that far from real.
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    Does football manager classic contain dynamic league repuation system lke normal career game does?
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    a couple of fmc questions

    1. does the dynamic league reputaion still apply in fmc for example if i win champions league with celtic will the league rep increese and will scotland get more euro places. 2. does the transfer deadline day still happen the new way.
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    David Beckham goal v Greece in figures.

    This is my first video i said about in my previous topic http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/general-chat/89206-your-favorite-football-moment.html . so here is my first video so watch and enjoy. it is the iconic free kick Beckham scored v Greece to send England to world cup 2002. David Beckham goal...
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    Your favorite football moment

    i am going to make some YouTube videos showing great football moments but with these (see picture below. i have more colors ) i will be uploading my first video within the next couple of days. i hope to upload many famous moments if it is successful. so have a look at my channel...
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    avoid injures

    is there anyway to lower the risk of injury
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    The capital city challenge

    can you win a champions league with teams from these cities that have never won a champions league. RULES... you have 3 seasons to complete the challage first person to show a screenshot of them winning it will get the credit and i will enter there name next to the city. you can only have 3...
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    neath my road to glory

    i am trying to make neath the best team in the world. my mate at school thinks it is impossible and he really ****** me off. but do you think i can do and how long do you think it will take? also any tips will be welcome
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    the best in the world

    im trying to make neath (welsh) the best team in the world. 1st season won the double lost in champions league 2nd round q 2nd season the same 3rd season the same but i lost in champions league 3rd q and lost again in europea league 4th q the league ratting is half a star i have a couple of...
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    how can i win this game.. HELP PLEASE

    i am neath from wales and i need to beat fc Copenhagen in the 4th round q of Europa league How in the world can i do it?????????? PLEASE HELP
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    manager points??

    can you see other managers manager points e.g. could i see avam grants manager points