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    Sigames should learn more about European Climate

    I play Frankfurt in Germany. In 6 seasons it's raining on average 50% of the matches. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankfurt It's raining on average 109 days a year, on average at each 3-4 days A match takes almost 2 hours, a day has 24 hours and in Frankfurt it is raining at 3-4 days in...
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    Why "today's fixtures" screen for UCL no longer appears automatically like in FM2009?

    Why "today's fixtures" screen for UCL no longer appears automatically like in FM2009? Why "today's fixtures" screen for Champions League or Europa League no longer appears automatically in FM2010 like in FM2009 even with full detail settings? I do not participate in UCL or EL but the "today's...
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    Loaned player bug

    I've borrowed this player to Werder Bremen and he has 4 years of contract left.He figures with no wage and no contract.In the transfer section he figures with 650k and 4 years left. I don't understand what happens.
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    The best players which can be bought (practically)

    I managed to buy Sergio Aguero from Atletico Madrid for "only" 41 million euros in 2012.He's among the best 10 at the beginning (best 5 after he reaches his peak) strikers in the game. Which are the other top players available for less than 50 millions ? Most of them are available for around...
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    Why AI goalkeepers are CHEATED in FM2009 ???

    My goalkeeper has better attributes than opposite team goalkeepers and almost everytime their GK performs much better than mine making UNREAL saves each game?
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    "X deal falls through"

    "X's proposed transfer from A to B has been called off at the last minute due to B having set their sights on other transfer targets." I want to loan 2 young players to other teams and I always get the same message in the end. I offer them for loan again and again I receive offers from the same...
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    Worst transfers you've made

    My worst transfer is Steve Mandanda. I paid for him 21.5 million euros. He may have 20 to refrexes and 18 handling but he's one of the worst GK I ever had. In 8 matches he had an average of 6.36 until I kicked him to second team.All I want now is to recover my money but usually the chances of...
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    Steve Mandanda vs Diego Benaglio

    http://img25.imageshack.us/img25/5525/59682779.jpg http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/2504/68439137.jpg Which one is better?
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    AI goalkeepers are cheated !

    I have a very good team and I win most games without a problem at two three or four goals difference but the saves made by the opposition team goalkeeper are ridiculous ! Frequently I score 3 or 4 goals but their goalkeeper even in this situation makes at least 5 incredible saves per game while...
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    Player progress after the age of 25

    In FM 2009 players stop to progress after the age of 24, 25 or 26. This happens also in reality in most cases but there are many exceptions. There are a lot of players who did not shine at all before the age of 25 but exploded later becoming world class players (Luca Toni for example).In FM2009...
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    Ofsside bug?

    I scored 2 goals in a game outside from great distance but both of them were cancelled for offside. In both situations I had a player offside but the did not participate . So it was not offside.
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    How important is weaker foot skill?

    Is important weaker foot skill? I've seen that players with strong weaker foot perform much better than others with similar skills.
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    Training at heading

    At which training category (strength aerobic tactics defending etc) I must focus training for a target striker in order to make him progress faster at heading ?
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    How to import and load training schedules?

    I've downloaded a file containing training schedules. How could I import and load it in my game ? I don't see any option to import training schedules like for shortlists.
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    Awaiting paperwork for citizenship

    I want to buy Cristian Zapata from Udinese. But first of all I want him to get Italian citizenship. Days to gain nationality 1825 Days completed 1877 Status : Awaiting paperwork He exceeded the required period by 52 days. Why it takes so much to get the citizenship?