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    Problem! Please help

    Tried starting my first post Beta save last nite and couldnt import anything including tactics I made myself, search templates, shortlists etc. What gives?!
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    Dunno how much Ill get into FM17 but ill try to have this going for, what is it, the fifth year running?
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    Some players to get people started

    Sassa - Brazilian attacker 23 yo with good stats which get better. Around 6mil including instalments Edmilson Silva - Brazilian r/l winger who plies his trade at Standard Liege. 21 yo at the start and not very expensive bearing in mind what he offers. Saint-Maximin - Owned by Monaco and...
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    I havent gotten into this version as enthusiastically as previous versions (probably cos its basically the same game as the past 5 versions at least with very minor tweaks and also cos I cant figure out the tactical interface). Still, I guess this has to return, if only as a forum for me to...
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    Counter pressing (or gegenpressing)

    Has anybody tried making a pressing tactic on FM16 and with the new tactical interface (which tactical interface btw Im struggling to produce ANY effective tactic)? One that is effective btw?
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    Is this a stupid question?

    Please boys and girls, how does one import tactics in FM16 (and does changing tactics file to .TAC work the same as in FM 15)? Thanks a lot!
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    This is what it says on the tin, extracted from BOX OF CHOCCYS for convenience.
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    Dear all, For ease of reference and as the BOX OF CHOCCYS thread is getting to long to navigate conveniently, Ive decided to extract all my tactical musings to this thread.
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    Ive decided, for convenience's sake to start a thread in which to put all those players I have recommended in the BOX OF CHOCCYS thread.
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    South American Leagues

    This is the second FM iteration in a row where the scheduling in the SA leagues is crazy - especially if one is successful. For example in my first season with Deportivo Cali in Colombia I had to play 5 matches in 7 days more than once. That was a slog, unrealistic AND cost me the cup! Please...
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    Tutors needed

    Please can people suggest: (a) Reasonably priced players between the ages of 25-32/3 with good personalities (Model citizen, resolute etc) to bring in (in my 2nd season) at Ajax to tutor my many hot prospects in the following positions: CB DM CF AM (R/L) So far Im bringing in Kara plus...
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    To whet your appetites Ill start with a player recommendation of somebody who is an absolute GOD and not very expensive (though he wants high wages): ELKESON - plays at GUANGZHU in China as a cf.
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    The Manchester UTD FM15 Discussion Thread

    Im surprised that there is no thread yet dedicated to MUTD in FM15 so Im starting one. And to get us going here's what I did: (a) Took the 68m wage budget option. (b) Sold Fletcher and Ando for about 4.5m each (c) Bought (using instalments): Gino Peruzzi Sven (? - the one from Dortmund)...
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    Looking for suitable tutors

    Can you suggest me older 32/33+ yo players with the correct character attributes (professional/model professional/model citizen/leader etc) and/or interesting ppms to use as tutors in my new AJAX AMSTERDAM save? These players wont necessarily be getting any match time I shall only be using them...
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    Ask uncle MAD (Uncle MAD's box of choccys)

    Following a tradition I started back in my LMA Manager days on PS2 (and continued up to FM13) and by popular demand this thread is back! Here we can discuss all things FM14 related (and maybe some non FM14 related!), you can ask me stuff (not that I profess to know that much but together we ll...