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    Arsenal First XI

    I recently signed Dybala for 55M, couldn't pass up the chance. Athough I already have Lacazette who's scoring 30 plus league goals a season and im unsure how to line up my team now. My line up is attatched below. Advice would be great and much appreciated. Cheers.
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    Man Utd 2017-2018

    I was looking for any suggestions on how I could improve my team, I have a transfer budget of £142M, 670k wages. I've won the league the last couple of years along with two champions league titles but feel I could do with some changes. First XI De Gea Rafael Jones Laporte Shaw Romero Pogba...
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    Arsenal - Right Back - 2014

    I'm on deadline day in the summer of the third season and in need of a new right back to go straight into the first team. Sagna has dropped to three stars and I think a replacement is needed and Jenkinson simply isn't good enough. I've tried to sign Corchia, Danilo and Rafael(now at Madrid) but...
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    Arsenal Left Back + Striker

    I am looking for a new left back and a striker I have tried signing Baines for LB and Falcao for ST, but can't agree fee's LB Budget - £20M ST Budget - £30M But I dont want to spend rediculous ammounts of money Cheers
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    Arsenal GK 1st Season

    Hey , I'm managing Arsenal, I'm looking for suggestions on a top goalkeeper to buy. Budget- £13M , I could also do monthly add ons. I'm using LFC Marshall's Summer Update. Cheers guys, Mason
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    R.Madrid - Improvements

    Hey , I would like some opinions on my current Real Madrid team and how i could improve it. Budget - £100M . Cheers
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    Rangers - Left Back

    I only have a budget of £413k , so i am looking to loan a left back. I tried Masiela but he went to CSKA. Any suggestions? preferable a player aged 20- 24 years old. thanks
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    Striker options

    Ok I am playing as Burnley and im stuck on who to choose to play as centre forward. I have Eagles and Paterson on either side of the front three but im unsure on who to play in the centre. Players to choose from: Steven Thompson Charlie Austin Jay Rodriguez Daniel Pacheco(on loan)
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    Liverpool:Suggestions Needed

    Liverpool 1st Season . Budget - £31M Any suggestions on areas I need to improve in ? Any players you think I should sell? Suggestions welcome cheers
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    Arsenal 2011/12

    Hey Im Arsenal and Im in the summer transfer window of the second season. I would like you guys's opinions on possible changes to my team for example ... switching players etc. Any players you recommend I should Buy/Sell Any positions you think i need to strengthen in? .. Budget £28M...
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    Player Advice Needed

    Ok , so i signed Gervinho in the January transfer window for £16M (board deal).. And he has been terrible so far. Im in May and thinking about the possibility of sellling him in the summer. What do you guys think? P.S.. Im not bothered about making a profit from the fee paid before. Thanks Mason
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    Higuain's season over

    It appears that Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain will be sidelined for the rest of the season due to a back injury that requires surgery to treat a slipped disc. if there is already a thread close this
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    What Option?

    Im Arsenal in August 2010 and need opinions on this; Should I sign Welliton (striker) although I have - Vela , RVP, Chamakh and Bendtner Or sign a New left winger? ( which the pat rice suggested) If you reckon I should sign a left winger.. Who?? cheers
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    Where have I went wrong?

    Ok .. I found the 11.2.1 Patch and clicked download then pressed Run. I then updated all the files. Then i went to play a new game and It just said only 11.2.0 was found not 11.2.1 ?? Where have I gone wrong ? I have put it in the db folder is that correct ? Please Help. Thanks
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    Young Talent?

    Hey I'm managing Real Madrid and I'm looking for a few young talented players that you guys could recommend.. They need to have Madrid potential ;) The positions I would prefer are Striker and Goalkeeper Budget: £20m(max) cheers