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    [META] So is it the game, or is it the forum?

    Was a little unsure where to post this, but considering it's FM18 related, and for purposes of visibility, I posted it here. I noticed a certain lack of activity compared to previous years after the beta released, so I had a quick look: This place started gathering real momentum in 2009...
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    Post your successes

    There's a frustration thread up already, but no success thread. Not all of us are frustrated, so if there's something that gave you a feeling of success, this is the place to post it. Screenshots are of course welcome. I guess I'll start it off: It cost me £33m, but I finally got the...
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    Miles Jacobson did an AMA on reddit - here are the results

    I will try to gather some of the questions and answers here. I won't be including all (I think I already included too many), as there's a varying degree of quality and such. I'll post a link to the AMA at the bottom. For those who don't know, AMA = Ask Me Anything...
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    James Milner

    Now that we have more options when it comes to start date, does anyone know what date I'd have to choose in order to avoid having Milner signed to Liverpool - or if it's even possible? I tried July 5th, but no luck. For the record, it's not that I hate Milner, I would just prefer not having...
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    The "I have a small question" thread

    Since one isn't up yet, I'm just gonna start one because I do have a small question. Why is Schalke 04 referred to as Gelsenkirchen? I've always known it as Schalke. Did they feel it wasn't german-sounding enough or something?
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    New stadium but no info

    I went straight to the board room to request a new stadium in my Liverpool save (year 2020) after winning the CL, and noticed that a new stadium was already in the planning phase. However, I never received a message in my inbox about this. I checked the starting date for the new stadium, and it...
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    Contract bonuses when loaning out players

    A fairly basic question: Let's say you have a player on 5k p/w, 1k appearance bonus and 1k goal bonus. You loan him out to whatever team covering 100% of his wages. When he scores a goal, who's paying the extra 2k? You, or the club that loaned him? Or the third option: No one pays it, as it...
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    Beta updated

    The beta was updated today with reportedly over 600 fixes. I haven't been able to find a list of the updates so far, but the update was 70.3mb and the version is now 14.0.3. The reason a fix list hasn't been released yet might be because it has so many fixes. If you haven't gotten the update...
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    Star rating of coaches

    So, I've been using the Coach Calculator for FM 13, and recently signed a goalkeeping coach that was supposed to be 5 stars in both categories. But once I signed him, I discovered he's only 4.5 stars in both categories. Obviously they've done some changes regarding the attributes vs star...
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    Talking to a player subbed in

    When making a substitution and choosing to make a comment to the player you're putting on, has anyone gotten a positive response yet? I once got "looked stressed" after I demanded a good performance, which seems fair enough. But in all the other cases - no matter what I say - I get the "seemed...
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    Player attributes

    So, FM 14 is here (well the beta anyway) and most of the attributes have probably come to stay, at least for a while. The question is, did SI get it right? Obviously it's impossible to please everyone, there will always be disagreements on what attributes the different players deserve. But let's...
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    Practice Makes Perfect achievement

    Practice Makes Perfect Reach a 5 star rating in all training categories Has anyone accomplished this? I'm starting to think you'd simply have to get lucky with regen staff, as in my game - per 2018 - I simply can't find 5 star coaches in all categories. This is as close as I'm able to get...
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    Preferred Formation? You're doing it wrong, FM

    On your own profile page there's a preview of your preferred tactics, like this: I noticed the same thing in FM 12, and they obviously haven't paid much attention to this in FM 13 either. - My preferred formation is not 4-4-1-1, it's 4-2-3-1. - My playing mentality is not balanced, it's...
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    Player on youth contract refusing to sign full time contract

    So yeah, title pretty much sums it up. I have a player who recently turned 17, and I offered him a full time contract. He has 5 star potential and asked for £30k per week, I tried to negotiate it and he turned me down. It's been about 2 weeks since that happened, and still he's not willing to...
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    Contract clauses when at loan

    Just curious about something I've never really thought much about, but recently crossed my mind. If you have a player on, say, a contract of £50k per week, a £10k bonus per appearance and a £10k bonus per goal, who pays this when the player goes on loan and the loaning club is paying 100% of...