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    Idea combining Total Football and Gegenpressing (open discussion)

    I was thinking about FC Bayern and Germany, how FC Bayern's fullbacks are capable of entering the midfield and adding another body and skill to the middle of the park. I was also thinking About how Germany does not have fullbacks but they have good players in every spot, so I thought about if...
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    Have strikers been improved?

    Ever since FM13, strikers haven't been the main goal scoring threat. The game became about wingers mostly scoring. Has this aspect been improved in FM16?
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    How to start in February 2015?

    Is it no longer possible to start in 2015? It used to let you do so with Sweden or Brazil I think. It doesn't seem realistic to start the season with winter transfers... And I want to play with the updated CA/PA.
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    Let's sum up FM 15

    Tell me, what is wrong with this years FM? I'm still deciding if I should buy it now or wait until more patches come in. Can anyone confirm the following: 1) Injuries are unrealistic (or is it because the training system has changed and high intensity causes a lot of injuries? And if so, then...
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    Left-footed players and their capabilities

    Left-hand and Left-foot use apply the same way when it comes to brain function. The right side of the brain is more often used naturally when you are naturally left sided with a limb. If we take a look at left-footed players, we have Messi, Maradona, Robben, Bale, Ozil, Sturridge, van Persie...
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    When will strikers be the main scorers?

    When will strikers start being the main scorers? It's always the wingers or someone else who score the most now it seems. Strikers since the last 2 FM games have been more of assisting in the area or tap ins from rebounds. When will you see Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo score 35+ goals? Sergio...
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    What computer requirements would be needed to run all leagues at a fast speed?

    Does anyone know? Can Football Manager use quad-core or octa-core processors properly? Is there some computer out there that can run all leagues activated with at least a 3, 4, o 5 star speed?
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    Basic Questions to comprehend the game better

    I have some questions that may make people understand the game better when it comes to making tactics. 1) When are ball playing defenders good to have as part of your tactic? What happens when you have 2 ball playing defenders and while having 2 wingbacks/fullbacks? 2) Is it good to have 2...
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    There should be a few new attributes

    I think that in the FM series, the attributes should be specified slightly more. Perhaps branching off some attributes into two different ones can make the game more interesting and players more varied. For instance: Passing - Should be separating into Short Passing and Long Passing. This way...
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    Need a PSG tactic

    Everything I try with PSG works for a while and then becomes stale. I need a PSG tactic (home and away maybe) where they play attractive attacking football and the striker is the main scorer.
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    Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo not scoring enough?

    Does anyone else think that both Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo aren't scoring as much as their real life counter-parts?
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    Football Manager should be more informative when making tactics

    I think that most people who end up being frustrated or intimidated by the FM series is because of the tactic creation aspect. Sure you can get a tactic right for a team after a lot of trial and errors, but there should be better ways to figure out what is going on exactly. What I am...
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    Are youth team/reserve team players too underrated in terms of PA?

    Does anyone else think that youth team and reserve team players should have a more dynamic PA? Most players in every club have an average of 2.5 PA. I think that more young players should be able to evolve into good first team players if they are picked up into the first team at a young age...
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    How can I improve this tactic?

    I am playing with Liverpool and I have it set so that there is no transfer budget at the beginning (I did sign Dani Guiza as a free agent though). This means everyone has the players they are meant to have at the beginning (for realism purposes). I decided to make my own tactic and I am using...
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    Options regarding summer transfers and winter transfers

    Most games for clubs start in June or July (depending on the country you choose at the beginning), but the thing is that you already start with all summer transfers, even the ones that were done on the last day in August. There is probably nothing that can be done about this since it would kind...