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    Finantial Problems

    Hi guys, I'd like to ask you some questions about club's finances. I'm playing in Brazil, and I'm Botafogo's manager. Well, the club has some serious finantial problems, as it has a state loan of R$210M, having to pay 2.4 millions per month until 2032. I've sold my best players (they were...
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    What do you do when you're sacked?

    I've just been sacked from Arsenal, and I've spent three seasons there.. I've changed the entire team, bought some stars, some experienced players that did their work, and I even got Pirlo as the third best football player of the world. I must say it's a bit frustrating to be sacked like that...
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    Bizarre Regens

    I found three regens that, in my opinion, are just monstrous.. I wonder if they're in your games too. They are: Jorge Almirón (argentina), Michal Ondrusek (Czech Republic) and Pierre Le Van (France). Just bizarre.. Pierre has 19 years and it's almost as good as my 31 worldclass goalkeeper! And...
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    Can't make a new "facepack"

    I followed what Sean said in the other topic, so in \MyDocuments\SportsInteractive\...\graphics\Players I placed the "riquelme" folder. There's his pic (139x180) in .PNG there, with the name "200212", and the conf was just like he said, with only one line in the "/list", changing the two...
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    From Scoring Machine to Losing Machine (Arsenal)

    I play a 4-4-2 like the pic, and, well.. I've hammered Chelsea by 3 to 0, I've scored 2-3 goals per match and I had only taken 2 goals in 8 matches. But one day as any other my team just started to fail at everything it tried! I've stopped scoring, I've began to take MANY goals and to lose in...
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    When do you promote the young?

    I have spent like 15million in some 10-11 players that have the potential to be better than my first-team regulards, but they're still 15, 16 and 17 years old.. When do you think that it's time to promote them to the First Team?
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    How can I save a match?

    Well, the same as the title: how can I save a goal, a match and this kind of stuff? ;|
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    Arsenal Training

    Well, to be honest I didn't even know that you could modify a player's training, until I read here that this was essencial. I'm a little lost here.. Could anyone give me some help? I don't know what to do with my creative MC's and with my Wingers ;( Sorry for any trouble (I've being creating...
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    Can't take printscreens

    When I press printscreen button, it saves my desktop print, not my FM window print.. But it works with all the other games. Any idea of how to solve this bizarre problem?
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    Changing Tactics

    When your tactics just stop's working, you start to lose and to draw, even in home matches, what do you guys do? Do you change the formation, the players, the players instruction? What do you do to get your team back to having lots of ball possession and lots of shots on goal? I'm a little bit...
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Well, it's possible to get him from Manchester United? I've tried 120 millions and they didn't even bother... I know that's possible with Kaka, with something around 150 millions, but I don't know if the Red Devils are going to listen to any offers.. you know, ever. X|
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    Problems with the Premier League

    Hi guys.. Well, I have a huge problem in the Premier League: it's just impossible to win! I'm with Arsenal.. And okay, I'm not going so good in it, but take a look at this: 1st - Chelsea - 27 played - 25 won - 2 draws - 77 pts 2st - Arsenal (me) - 27 played - 16 won - 10 draws - 1 lose - 58pts...