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    Money in classic mode

    Is there still no way I can edit clubs finances in Classic mode?
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    Classic Version

    Is there still not a real time editor out for the classic version of the game?
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    Transfer budgets

    Anyone got a list of the best teams transfer budgets and what they are? I've looked at a few - Chelsea, Barca, Monaco but they seem to be quite low. Who's got the highest?
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    A few issues for me.

    First of all, I think this year is possibly the best yet. The gameplay itself (FMC) suits my life down to a tee, as I have a full time job and a family. I don't have time to go through all the intricate details that the full version needs me to. However, a couple of problems I can't get around...
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    Add/Remove Leagues on FMC

    I'm trying to add/remove leagues on FMC but there doesn't seem to be an option for this? Have I missed something?
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    More help needed.

    So I've found the data editor on Steam, downloaded it, picked a team to start a new game with and edited what I wanted to. Started up a new game but nothings changed. Does anyone have a guide to follow incase I'm doing something wrong? Or maybe a real time editor yet? I'm playing FMC if that...
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    The stories worth reading thread

    Like many a other on this site, I really enjoy reading a good story and getting a bit of inspiration to start/carry on with my FM game. I also get peeved when I click on stories after stories to find the same old, same old. So I thought, maybe we could have a thread where by if you read a good...
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    How many

    Stories do you see started a day and then finished with something like... I can't load my game up anymore... or my laptops broke... I enjoy reading other people adventures on FM more than I do creating one myself but this is just getting ridiculous now... RANT OVER! ;)
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    Players to random different clubs DB?

    Anyone know if theres a database out there that has players gone to random different clubs. There was a DB like this for an old school Champ Manager. For example, Rooney playing for Carlisle, Ronaldo - Everton, Kaka - Sunderland, Buffon - Forest Green. Dya know what I mean? Or maybe a DB that...
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    Pre game editor

    As my editor has messed up and whilst i'm trying to fix the problem, I was wondering if theres a pre game editor for fm 09 knockin around anywhere?
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    XRC resource 'Mainframe' (class 'wxFrame') not found!

    That is the message I now get when I try to get into the data editor. The last time I used the data editor was about 2 weeks ago and everything was fine. I have done nothing else with FM apart from download a new skin but surely that wouldn't effect it. I have trawled the internet but no luck...
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    No nets?!

    When viewing the game in 3d, I have no nets. Infact, I have no goals at all. As luck would have it, I only watch the game in 2d, but was just wondering if anyone encountered the same problem and how could I fix it. I also have no numbers on the kits when i'm on the tactics screen aswell if this...
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    Numbers not showing up on tactics screen?

    On my tactics screen where all the players are showing on the 'pitch', on the right hand side, I have no shirt numbers showing for the players. I've had it for a while but after looking through some more threads this morning, it's clear that I am the only one this has happened to. Anyone know why?
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    Cant be manager of Djibouti

    I loaded up a new game and loaded up all players from Djibouti to start as them, but when I go to their team, there is no option to take control. Why?
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    Fulham - Free all players

    Just finished a season with Fulham on the free all players and no work permits. Interesting season which Man Utd and Liverpool got relegated. Villa stormed the league title and I come 2nd with Fulham. I feel that next season will be a lot harder though when more teams get better...