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Recent content by Poobington

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    [Discussion] Recreating the Busquets Role

    As with most people on this forum I am absolutely fascinated by the role that Sergio Busquets plays, taking the DM position and making it his own. I realise FM14 is only around the corner and it seems that with the introduction of new tactical roles this will be far easier to recreate but I...
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    Poobington's 3-4-3 High Press

    Hi guys I've recently had this reviewed over on footballmanagerstory.com and it did pretty well so I figure I'd share it with you. The review is pretty comprehensive so what will follow here is all copy and pasted from their site. I give full credit for the review to Darren Smith. The review...
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    Network Game Now at 14:36 06/12/12

    Any one fancy playing now?
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    How do you make you Sig appear!

    yeah pretty much says it all in the title, how do you make your sig work?
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    Potters Bar Help (need Level 8 players)

    Just starting my new game with Potters Bar FC, seeing as I come from that lowly town, and I need some help signing any quality lower league players who would come to a level 8 side....sooooo any ideas? So far i have found these players 1) Rene Regis Position: RB/RWB Age: 35 Price: Free...
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    Has anyone got experience with this guy signed him for my Wolves side
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    Good Young Centre Back needed for Wolves

    right well i got none of your suggestions instead i managed to get makelel on a free Rafael carioca and wait for it.... a guy called henrique to fill the CB role. He was transfer listed with an asking price of 5 mil but my scouts said i could get him for 2.4 and well i did. Was wondering if...
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    Help Replacement For Kightly!

    Says it in the title guys
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    Quality Goalkeeper who is cheap or available for loan

    I am Hull and am leeking goals at the back. I am in desperate need for a goalie but only have a budget of 300k any ideas?
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    Vaclav Kadlec

    Hi i signed this guy at the end of my first season i heard he was quite good so got him for free in second season hes steadily progressin in the reserves on tuggs training for strikers and playin well in internationals. All i was wondering whether he actually gets any good has any one had...
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    How do you sucsefully retrain players in different positions?

    I was wondering how you can retrain players in different positions, for example i have Mascio who is filling in for Alexis Sanchez scored 2 on his debut but hes down as a Cm and when i play him at AMR he strugles so how can i train to play there, btw his stats are quite suited to him playing there.
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    Need Help With Man City

    Hi im in my 2nd season with man city and well things are goin a little pear shaped. started off well with a 3-0 win over Chelsea but now iv been leaking in goal against teams like blackburn and west ham. wondering if anyone give me some tips on what i should do. My Team is: Gk: Asenjo Rb...