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    Aliens vs Predator (xbox 360)

    Has anyone got this game? I played the demo and thought it was utter tosh. My mate has it and says its great.
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    A strange tactic

    Hey guys, i found this tactic on another website, its very strange but the results looked good, i downloaded it and tried it out with my Everton side in the 3rd season and my strikers are smashing the goals in................. If i'm allowed to post things from another website then i'll stick...
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    Xbox Live

    Microsoft severs have been hacked tonight making Xbox live disabled. ******* great....must be a plot by the WAGAEGP (wives and girlfriends against excessive console playing)
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    Staff List

    Appologies if this has bin posted before, i did a search but found nothing of this depth on FMB - these are based on 2nd season attributes....... ENJOY ^^) Strength Bruno Demichelis (5 stars) Valter Di Salvo (4.5 stars) Alberto Bartali (4.5 stars) Jose Antonio Pozanco (4.5 stars) Javi (4.5...
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    Its ma birthday

    I'm gunna party like its ma birthday
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    Creating Yourself

    I got a little bored whilst waiting for FM2010 to come out so i decided to create myself and put myself into a new game. I decided to put my stats a couple of notches down from Messi - real life of course ;) - then put myself playing for my home town of Peterborough Utd, oh and i'm only 19 years...
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    1st time cheater!!!

    I know i will most likely get a blasting for doin this but for my last FM2009 save i thought i'd go and cheat. I chose Everton as the club to manage then also became Man City manager to steal all of there transfer cash. I just wanted to see what calibre of players i could...
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    Is it better to individually train a player to improve on certain stats or just plonk him in the usual team training set up for his position
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    U18's Training

    This may of bein posted up before but just wanted to ask a quick question. I have a good training schedule for my 1st and reserve teams but was wondering what kind of set up people use to train their youth team? So, for the 1st year, shall i focus more on the fitness side of things or shall i...
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    In game cheating

    I was looking at buying this game from but, after reading a few of the reviews i'm not so sure now, there are a few people saying that the game is full of cheats and not worth forking out the subscription fees. Is this true? If so, what are they doing to cheat?
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    I started my 1st thread the other day about the Everton stadium and it seemed to have caused a bit of a erm.............. How should i say this " A slanging match" I aint to fussed bout the kopites writing into my thread and taking the preverbial about our Tescos stadium (I DONT WANT IT ANYWAY)...
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    Everton Stadium

    Right, i've bin trying out an experiment with Everton to see if we ever get a brand new stadium built in the game, Obviously i've had to cheat (I DONT NORMALLY DO THIS BY THE WAY) and by doin this i've bin robbing alot of the top clubs of there transfer budgets for 5 seasons now, Everton is now...