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    Bring back a classic English cup!

    Bring back the Watney cup, please sign the petition now! Be positive, it will return!
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    Solihull Moors - A story of long term ambition

    Solihull Moors where formed in 2007 after the merger of 2 clubs, Solihull Borough and Moor Green, neither of which have had any previous experience at any level higher than the Blue square premier. With a highest league performance of 16th in the BSN they are one of the lowest reputation teams...
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    Scouting and Knowledge

    I'd be interested to know if people think that or know whether scouts perform better in countries the have previous knowledge for. Ideas anyone?
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    I love how...

    On here a stupid thread gets made, and suddenly it becomes the most popular thread going with everyone replying to it. Why don't people just ignore it?
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    New fosters advert

    There's a top class new fosters advert YouTube - Fosters Ashes Advert Pah - probably doesn't deserve it's own thread, maybe should have posted it in ashes one, oh well nothing i can do now!
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    Who do you support in the champions league?

    Due to Coventry's absence in the CL this year I just support all the English teams! Even Manchester United who are my least favorite club, due to the amount of glory supporters and the fact my second team are manchester city. If your team isn't in europe, who do you support and why? If your...
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    The best at FM11

    Check this out, definitely needs a mention in the main forum. What do you guys think?
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    How much for improved training facilities

    I'm in League 2 with Solihull Moors, just won promotion to League one. I'm hoping to improve my basic training facilities rather try to expand the stadium (as as a low rep league 1 club i doubt ill get that much more than 3000 a game anyway) also I think developing your young players, and being...
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    Getting the transfer bug sorted, latest news... ?

    There's a thread full of stories about the widely observed transfer bug. Most people are unhappy to just "wait till December"; as it stands, games, especially those with larger teams, are almost a waste of time given how easy it is to pick prize possessions from big clubs, and have bids refused...
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    Anyone else get these, or spotted any bugs in the game. 1) When the board offer you a contract you can negotiate your wage down, thus giving the club more money. 2) if someone gets sent off and the tactics come up, if you make substitutions they don't happen. We should make a list and make...