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    Who you going to be on FM 13? - Football Manager 2013

    Wassupp! Its the time of the year where we say goodbye to the league for a little while. But it's the time we can look to Football Manager 2013 and the time to start possibly thinking "Who shall i be!!!!. Anyways as usual (for the 3rd year in a row), let us all know who you are going to...
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    Ross 95's Dominatur Control Tactic- FM 2012 - LLM

    Download links: Version 1; 4-1-3-2: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=6303 Version 2: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=6330 Version 3; 4-2-2-2: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=6680 Version 1 Info: Hello, recently i have...
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    FM 12 - Future save game files. (Exclusive)

    I have decided to start some long ranged save games. The point of this is because it really is quite interesting to see what the football world is like in the future. I will start as an unemployed manager who will not interefere in any teams what so ever and i am going to process to certain...
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    GTA V (Coming September 17 2013)

    Its now 3-4 years on and Rockstar have not opened their mouths and told us what is next within the GTA area. However the next GTA V trailer is to be released next week (2nd November '11), with us being able to see what the next big game is for us. The trailer is seemingly the only thing that is...
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    Scared of dying?

    Just started to weirdly wonder about end of life... I am like very curious of what others actually think will happen to them when they day, whether it is a religious belief (life after death) or non-religious at all. Also are you scared of dying? I am very confused and struggling to think of...
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    Football Manger 2012 - Rate a Goal Thread

    Hello FM-Basers! :P After I saw a successful FM11 goal thread, I thought I would start a Football Manager 2012 one! Basically, just post your goal and see what others think of it. Please do stick to the point of the thread Don't be jealous ;) So post away.... Sorry if there is already...
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    League name, as disappeared. FM11

    So i decided to end my FM11 game on my own creation of English Leagues, but after a while my top division league name as disappeared. But the main thing is that it was there at the beginning of the season. :@ Any help at all would be very welcomed. There is a screenshot below.
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    Football Manager 2012; Who you going to be?

    So now we are starting to fall of the track off playing Football Manager 2011 and now are waiting for the next installment. So has i have done over the past two years: What team are you going to be in Football Manager 2012? I personally always go with my preferable team; Man Utd (in the demo...
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    New English Transformation

    Hey, I have returned and created a brand new database which completley refurbishes Englands league layout (of the current playable leagues) I have retained all of the teams from Premier Division to n power League 2. However they are to be arranged in a different away: Barclays Super...
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    Champions League Skin Football Manager 2011

    I have successfully completed the skin, which is for the 'UEFA Champions League'. There are several screen shots, post your thoughts and it will be uploaded soon. Thanks Ross --------------------------------------------------------------- Plans for skin: Include graph within...
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    Sky Sports Skin Fm 2011

    I have finally designed a sky sports skin for FM 2011, there are a few screenshots below. However i have one main problem and i just would want to know if anyone knows how to change the colour of your font? Criticise is very welcome, I especially need help with font colour. :) Ross
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    This is how to fix crash dumps

    Is this still the way to fix 'crash dumps'? Step 1:Open up your steam Step 2: Go onto your games list Step 3: Right click on Football Manager and select properties Step 4: Select the Local files tab on the far right Step 5: Click the option Verify integrity of game cache Step 6: Click the...
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    Who are you going to manage on Football Manager 2011?

    Hey guys, Well that time of the year is coming around again when we all rush to buy Football Manager. But now that all the leagues and most competitions in the world of football have finished for this year, which team are you looking at managing on Football Manager 2011? Are...
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    FM 10 'Three' Skin - Out Soon

    I have been trying to make 'Three' (Great FM09 Skin) a FM10 skin for weeks now and i have finally completed it. I have some certain screenshots below of the skin and i hope you download. Thanks Ross All of the graphics are owned to Matt Wadsworth
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    The FM10 Group.

    Join the FM10 group and show your passion to the game. http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/group.php?groupid=32