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    Takeover always collapsing?

    I have a pretty successful save with Montpellier going but my president, Louis Nicollin, still wants out for some reason. The only problem is that every time I get a message saying an interested party is about to make a bid for the club and then the transfer embargo is imposed, the talks always...
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    Nikola Ninkovic - Partizan

    Name: Nikola Ninkovic Club: Partizan D.O.B: 19/12/1994 Nationality: Serbia Strengths: Corners, crossing, dribbling, technique, determination, off the ball Weaknesses: Natural fitness, bravery, work rate Suggested Roles: Advanced Playmaker - Attack or Winger - Attack Screenshots:
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    Valencia - DM - First season

    Right so I have Maduro, Topal, and Albelda but I mainly use Maduro as a CB and Albelda is getting along leaving Topal as the only proper DM in the side. As a result, I would like some recommendations for a new DM. My budget is about 6M since I managed to sell Miguel. :)
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    Georgi Milanov - Litex

    Name: Georgi Milanov Club: Litex D.O.B: 19/02/1992 Nationality: Bulgarian Position: Attacking Midfielder (He can play anywhere across the midfield) Strengths: Corners, crossing, dribbling, creativity, flair, free-kicks, long shots, passing, acceleration Weaknesses: Balance, strength Suggested...
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    Srdjan Mijailovic - Red Star Belgrade

    Name: Srdjan Mijailovic Club: Red Star D.O.B: 10/11/93 Nationality: Serbian Strengths: Marking, passing, tackling, anticipation, concentration, positioning, work rate Weaknesses: Heading, composure Suggested Roles: Anchor man - defend or Defensive midfielder - defend...
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    Good gaming rig?

    Since my old PC is as good as dead and I finally have some cash, I am planning to buy a new desktop. I just wanted advice from any experts on here whether the following is a good buy or not: Processor Intel Core i7 2600K 3.4 GHz Processor Main Features64 bit Quad-Core Processor Cache Per...
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    Samed Yesil - Leverkusen

    Name: Samed Yesil Club: Leverkusen D.O.B: 25/5/1994 Nationality: Germany Strengths: Finishing, dribbling, first touch, anticipation, flair, work rate, agility Weaknesses: Pace, concentration, strength, stamina, balance Suggested Roles: Trequartista - Attack, or Advanced Forward -...
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    Dejan Stojanovic - Bologna

    Name: Dejan Stojanovic Club: Bologna D.O.B: 19/7/1993 Nationality: FYR Macedonia Strengths: Aerial ability, handling, one-on-ones, jumping, concentration, composure, strength Weaknesses: Decisions, determination Suggested Roles: Goalkeeper - Defend Screenshots:
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    Joel Valencia - Zaragoza

    Name: Joel Valencia Club: Zaragoza D.O.B: 16/11/1994 Nationality: Ecuador Strengths: Crossing, dribbling, first touch, passing, technique, flair, creativity, agility, acceleration Weaknesses: Work rate, determination, decisions, stamina, strength, concentration Suggested Roles...
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    Michele Camporese - Fiorentina

    Name: Michele Camporese Club: Fiorentina D.O.B: 19/05/1992 Nationality: Italian Strengths: Heading, marking, tackling, bravery, positioning, strength, jumping Weaknesses: Composure, agility, decisions Suggested Roles: Limited Defender - Stopper Screenshots:
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    Alberto Contrera - Olimpia

    Just got offered Contrera by his agent in January in my second season. He looks pretty darn good. Name: Alberto Contrera Club: Olimpia D.O.B.: 18.4.1989 Nationality: Paraguay Strenghts: Creativity, passing, first touch, technique, finishing, dribbling, crossing, flair, pace...
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    FC Porto - 1st Season - Deep Lying Playmaker

    I'm looking for a DLP in my first season at Porto. Now I know a lot of you will say I have Moutinho and that he is perfect for that role but I want some cover and someone that can also rotate for that position. I have a budget of about 8 million euros. My prime target was/still is Arouca from...
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    Mario - Villarreal

    Name: Mario Club: Villarreal D.O.B.: 2.6.1993 Nationality: Spanish Position: Full-back Strenghts: Crossing, tackling, concentration, composure, aggression, team work, work rate, pace, stamina, acceleration Weaknesses: Determination, heading, jumping Suggested Roles: Full-back/Wing-back - support
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    Cristian Bonilla - Chico FC - Promising young GK

    Name: Cristian Bonilla Club: Chico FC (Colombia) You might need the Colombian league loaded. D.O.B.: 2.6.1993 Nationality: Colombia Position: Keeper Strenghts: Aerial ability, handling, kicking, rushing out, one-on-ones, bravery, strength, jumping, agility Weaknesses: Throwing, command of area...
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    Benjamin Stambouli - Montpellier

    Name: Benjamin Stambouli Club: Montpellier D.O.B.: 13.8.1990 Nationality: French Position: Defender Strenghts: Concentration, anticipation, composure, decisions, determination, team work, work rate, strength, stamina Weaknesses: None really (maybe Heading although that can improve with time)...