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    2013 UPDATE FOR FM12

    Summer update (correct as of 6/6/2013) for FM12 Update Includes: Up-to-date Promotions/Relegation's for Top 4 English leagues, Liga BBVA, Ligue 1, Serie A and Bundesliga. eg Yeovil in Npower Championship, Elche CF in BBVA, Mansfield in League 2 Up-to-date transfers...Ranging from; Fernandinho...
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    Substance over style: Cracking the art of Route 1

    I have noticed many threads on FM Base which are all about Barcelona's trademark 'la masia' philosophy of football, The silky football Brendan Rodgers plays and how to turn your average Brazilian players or Italian side in to world beaters who win games 5-2 and 6-0. However what i am yet to see...
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    Football Returns to Highbury

    It was a typical Friday night and i was sat at home doing nothing and watching a league of there own. I was contemplating going to be as i had an important 5-a-side game in the morning . I got up to make myself a sandwich and turn off my tv before i went to bed , however just as i had buttered...
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    Forest in turmoil !!

    ( For this story i will be trying to resolve the turmoil at Nottingham Forest , I myself am a Forest fan which makes the task more inspiring. I will be using LFCMarshall's summer update but i will move any transferred Forest players e.g Luke Chambers ) NOTTTINGHAM FOREST BOSS STEVE...
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    The Rise of F.C Midtjylland

    PROLOGUE The title of this story and indeed the club i'm managing may seem rather random. However i have exhausted various other challenges and saves with various 'mainstream' clubs e.g promotion from championship , lowest tier to highest , winning champo league etc. So, what i decided to do as...
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    The League of Nations

    As a result of extensive deliberation EUFA have decided that all of the top ranked sides in the world will be moved into 4 divisions . This new 4 Tier system has been moved to Singapore due to the requests of anonymous business man. The man who is reportedly in his late 30's has 'connections'...
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    The new Bhoy on the block : A Glasgow Celtic Tale

    DISCLAIMER : I am already a season and a half into this story , apologies for starting late but i will do the best i can to find relevant screenshots etc . to do a month by month review of the first season . thanks It has been reported that Celtic FC have sacked manager Neil Lennon . Neil...
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    My Football Manager Lets Play on Youtube

    i am trying to get liecester city promoted to the premiership . head over to this channel to check it out : TheOnlyFM Kanal von TheOnlyFM - YouTube