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    Huge database

    How to activate the hugedatabase to FM 17?
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    Pandurii Targu Jiu tactic help

    Can somebody help me create a tactic for Pandurii Targu Jiu(romanian first league)?I want a 4-2-3-1,tryed many combinations but with no luck. Any help would be apreaciated:P
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    Request please

    can somebody edit the romanian first league and swap vointa sibiu with universitatea craiova..but i think you must reactivate craiova first because it was destroyed this year please thank you
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    hey,i found this screenshot on a forum but he doesn't say how he managed my question in the name of all fm gods he managed that?:P
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    one question

    isn't there no way to make the atributes of players to be shown from 1 to 100 instead of 1 to 20? just asking and sorry if i posted in the wrong section. thank you.
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    my tactic please help

    hello i started a new save and i took over Havant & Waterloovile in BSS. my tactic is a 3-4-3 with 3 defenders set as stoppers 2wingers on attack 2 central midfielders on defend 1 advanced forward 1 deep lying forward 1 pocher the problem is i don;t like the way i win games...allmoust all of...
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    help!!!!! best player is refusing to negotiate a new contract with my team..what should i do to keep him:( a regen
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    AFC Progresul Bucuresti

    I decided to take over this team in the last Romanian league..the forth league..It was one of the nicest team in romania when he played in the first league under the name of FC National Because of some financial trouble the got relegated in the last league and they were forced out from the...
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    hello i am sorry if i didn't post where it should be posted this thread but how can i train and a club and a national team in the same time if i allready train an club? thanks
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    yo.johny tactic

    hi i created an tactic for my u craiova team in the first league of roumania i want you to test it for me please if you want i had some real good results with this tactic and i want to share with you i wait for your feedback try it and tell me how is working cheers
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    kits and badge request please:D

    i created a new team in romania FC Unirea Vinatori and i need an badge and some kits my town team is very weak and unknown and we don;t have a badge so can somebody do for me a badge(at your choice) and some kits with the sponsor nvidia please:D cheers