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4-2-4-0 Stikerless Kerrang FM

4-2-4-0 Stikerless Kerrang FM v1

4-2-4 Strikerless

This has exactly the same Team Instructions mentality as the 4231 Kerrang. I have just dropped the striker to have a second AMC. Which I have had some mad results. In my experiments this tactic is unstoppable at home but the https://fm-base.co.uk/resources/4-2-3-1-kerrang-fm.53/ is better for tricky away games, In those matches I would start with the 4-2-3-1 then switch to this if needed.




The Table with 6 games to go. Like mentioned I am now using this as my Home tactic, But as you can see I have spanked 6 past City and Liverpool.


Team Overview

SK - Get one with good kicking as on Gk's you want him to either be going short or beating the press by going to the wing.

BPD - The 2 BPD's Look to bring ball out and play into midfield. Creating space - You need a Left footed LCB and a Right Footed RCB this is so they can hit the balls into the channel if needed.

WBS - Overlap and create overload in final 3rd can also score goals as will get in positions to score on the regular.

DLP - Protects defence and looks to dictate the play and recycle possession. If you can get Pace in this role do that as pace and high work rate will really spoil the opposing team.

Mezzala - Gets to edge of box links with Full back and Winger, Striker and looks to Score goals get away shots and link the play. But will also make runs beyond the ST

AMC's - Gets along side striker creates for everyone and scores goals linking up with the Other AMC, The IF's and the onrushing Mezalla and marauding full backs.

IF's - You want Left Footer on right. Right on the Left. They get on the ball, Drive inside and look to get alongside striker. Will get on the end of crosses and become a real front 3 Think Liverpool.

You create an overload constantly as you are attacking with 7 sometimes 8. And the AI seem not to be able to cope!

Set Pieces

I've spent a lot of time on set pieces. Throws Set to Full Backs On respective sides, Corners Right Wing Left Footed IF Takes on Right. Right Footed Left Wing Inside Forward takes Left. Got routines in every slot and been working a treat.

Training - Assistant
Oppo Instructions - Assistant
Touchline Shouts- Do yourself.

If you go down to 10 players. Lose one of the AMC's.
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