SWI Leagues (Scottish Welsh Irish) Pyramid

SWI Leagues (Scottish Welsh Irish) Pyramid v1

We now live in a post Brexit world. The Scots were angry. They wanted there freedom. But Mel Gibson was not around. As they could not gain there independence from the UK they had to hit the English where it hurt. Football.

The Scottish FA decided on a revamp of there pyramid. But they also invited 10 teams fro Wales and ROI/Northern Ireland to join it. Hoping to make the competition more competitive to rival the English. So perhaps they could one day be the best league in the world. With added sponsorship and prize money the hope was one day they could rival the English Premier League.

Teams moved to Scotland


The Pyramid







The File

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Couple of tips. I would start in the second season. So if you use Sweden as a custom start date I think that is end of march 2020 and then holiday until 24th of June. This is because first season teams are in Europe like Linfield/Shamrock Rovers etc. The next season that is corrected as it will be down to teams who qualify in this pyramid.

I could have put more sides in but I wanted Wales/Irish leagues to still work so why I selected 10. For this to work in England for that league to be playable I had to bring back Bury and move some teams around. That's why Second season is a good start as you genuinely wont notice the changes made.

Also if you have any files with England with Custom rules in your editor data file that might clash. It clashes with the fmeditor file for some reason. So de select it. I am running about 11 files in my editor data so it 100% works along side others. If you want to use an update along side it which I do. Just use the live update from sortitoutsi as that works with the file.

Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I am. Big shout out to Mozza plays and his database as without that I would have been lost with the lower scottish leagues. And to daddyrichie/pennywise when my eyes stop working to help me on the editor!

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