Looks very interesting, and the great defensive records mentioned in the thread are impressive really.

Is this tactic still working on the latest patch 15.3.2? When it was created, I believe may be only 15.3 was about to release.
works on every patch,yesterdaz I started with Ipswich with latest LFC Marshall transfer update.

my average age in squad is 21 and doing good on start even I strugle with injuries .

I hope later will post some screenshots






This club I managed few times before so I picked them because they have squad who fits for this tactic together with decent transfer budget on LFC Marshall transfer update.
People who read my older topics know that my goal will be promotion,and title contender for next season in Premiership.
Few times with different clubs I managed to win Championship then Premiership in just two season,so I will try to do same.
First of all I decided to play with three 17 years old youngsters in first 11,I know that they will oscillate but I dont have any other option If I want from them high contribution in next season.

-Sign Terry Mcdermont as assistant manager.
-Start game in June,and immediately offer 2.5m now and 2.5m on 48 rates for Ante Coric.
-Use approach for sign for D.Calabria.
-For expectations choose option for title challenger.
-My advice is to sign S.Johnston he is good homegrown talent and for second season you need 8 of them in your squad.
-try to loan few players and ignore Cup competitions.
-Sign Luiz Gustavo from Palmeiras,he can be used for both roles in mid.
-Use D.McGoldrick for free kicks.
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Lost 3 games in December so I drop on second place,as expected my youngsters oscillating.

I will try to loan one defensive mid for rotation.




Lost 3 games in December so I drop on second place,as expected my youngsters oscillating.

I will try to loan one defensive mid for rotation.

How is the tactic coping with the teams playing wingers? The usual 4231 with IFs or Ws?

Any special preparation or in-match markings etc?
my assistant manager Terry Mcdermont doing everything, me only doing invidual trainings for first team players.

this tactic is pure plug and play.

when need to defend for last 10 min

change strategy do defensive and remove push higher up

when need to score goal,change to overload

all is written on first page,this is very simple tactic















I managed to win last 13 games in row mainly because Bishop and Coric started to play on very high level.

Bishop won award for best young player.

D.McGoldrick won awards for best scorer and best league player.
Few days ago Windows crashed on my gaming laptop,Asus G73 and I lost everthingh on him. I used this model without any problems last 5-6 years. I decided to collect money and buy new Asus gaming laptop to be readz for release of FM16. Offcourse I will create this type of formation in FM 16. maybe some of you dont know but I started to play this type of game when I was 16 year old and now I am 32 so I must say Fm15 was fail in the beging expecialy for the tacticans like me. My goal when creating any tactic was to make even worse club in division to fight for Champions leauge spot and every time I managed to create that. I must FM15 was complete fail on the start,I mean why every year SI is realeasing product what is not properly tested. Other thing I dont like about FM is that is very easy to be succesfuly in this game,also there is no any challenge to lead big club I hope this willl be fixed in future. My main remarks what SI need to change in future: -improve match engine -to more balance atributes of players -to give more tactical freedom -to give more options for set pieces -To implement some kind of hard mode where game can be saved for example every 3 months,and also implement that there is not posible to save game prior game for trophy. -to give transfer updates at end of every transfer window I know that SI want that everbody feel as sucesfull in this game but what is with experience players like me who want more realistic game where manager is constantly under pressure from all sides,this I want to see in future.
Ja bunkera mati moja, kao da igras PEs 6 sa Malagom protiv Reala xD Lepo izgleda, nazalost ne dam moja krila xD Probacu je posle kad odem u Italiju da se igram bunkera :D

Looks good Ill give it a try later...