English Premership Superleague 2009/2010

am in birch

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my hamanchi will not connect does anyone no why?
can i join
ill take any spare teams asap

pm me hamachi details plz
Game at 8:15pm tonight lads!!!!!!!!!! early start to make up for lost time.
Burnley have announced their new manager.. Fat ******
jack ur being warned about distrupting my game. i unban u tomorow but repeat of tht and ur be banned for ever.
wow uncalled for, id love to argue but i dont go down enough to your level kid
hi guys I am now on holiday till 12 dec but the good news is that andy dean will play host and carry on game while i am away.

any problems pm andy.

see u guys after the 12 dec.
are we playing tonight lads? i know birch is away now but Andy is the host now.