May 30, 2011
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FC Sion

A Swiss Journey To The Top

Get it?

Swiss . . . .

To The Top . . . .

You Know . . . ..

Instead of Swift . . . ..

Never mind.

I have chosen them as i new challenge as i want to get back into an obscure league but not too obsucre, after losing my Dnipro and Dinamo saves with my old laptop i didnt know who to be.

As i chose them at random i was suprised to see there Captain is Gattutso!
Kyle Lafferty and former Man City midfielder Gelson Fernandes also play for them

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So the first real update will be on tommorrow morning​
FC Sion

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June 2012

FC Sion Info

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Im very happy that we are in no debt at all so i have plenty of support to build the club up are real rivals are Young Boys and Basel the two clubs who are touted above us this season.
I actually chose the team due to there nice looking kits before i even looked at the squad, reminds of the Templar Knights in a book im currently reading.

Sion Trophy Room

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So no Domestic triumphs in the league for almost 16 years a lot of cup wins but no European achievements at all.

Season Expectations

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Not really any money to do anything with i may need to sell some players before i can bring any in as the wages are very tight too.
Its not very hard to qualify for Europe as even 5th place gets a qualifying spot for the Europa League and its only a 10 team league! We dont have european football at all this season so shows how poor we were last season.

Swiss League Odds

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Despite the media predicting us 3rd place the bookies dont even see us in the top half of the table.

Best Young Player Yannick N' Djeng

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This young natural goalscorer is surely the key to our future success, he is the clubs highest rated current player and has the best potential too.

Good luck with Sion mate, my next move on my save or a new game will be doing something like this going into a sort of obscure league. I will be following your progress.
Great start! N'djeng looks awesome and if I can remember right young boys have a young equadorian you can snap up if he's on the latest update still :) defo following
Great start! N'djeng looks awesome and if I can remember right young boys have a young equadorian you can snap up if he's on the latest update still :) defo following
Is he Venezuelan? Josef Martinez 19 year old striker looks pretty promising
Yeah that's the one mate :D equadorian/Venezuelan kinda the same lol
FC Sion

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July 2012

Well i played the first 2 games before having chance to look at the squad make any transfers or decide on a tactic but here they are.

Super League
Luzern 0 - 1 Sion
Crettenand 32

Central midfielder gets us the win in my first game in charge but i will have to change the tactic, i like playing with wingers but there are only 2 or 3 at the club and only one is half decent and we are overrun with strikers.

Super League
Sion 1 - 1 Zurich
Mrdja 74

Mrdja came off the bench to save our bacon and grab an equalizer in a rather disappointing game but i think the tactic may be sorted now.

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I love a good Poacher! Best of all our top 3 strikers have that as there proffered option so thats a good start the AMC looks good and we have a lot of decent CM's, there is no strength in depth though something i will be looking to change and any good youth prospects were already in the team.​
I can never play two poachers together I just don't think it ever works. I normally use a target man or a deep lying forward next to them to help link up play between the midfielders and strikers.
I can never play two poachers together I just don't think it ever works. I normally use a target man or a deep lying forward next to them to help link up play between the midfielders and strikers.
Keep up with the story and we will find out together if its a bad idea, probs is buy i do like a good poacher aka Billy Sharp
FC Sion

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Summer Transfer Window 2012

FC Sion History

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The three money transfers that went out were all done above my head by the board which is slightly worrying and we got given less than a £1million back and our wages were already over budget.

I brought in 2 more players to add depth to the squad.

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With playing 3 CM's i needed an extra midfielder and Zanetti fitted the bill perfectly, this club could turn into the opposite of a youth challenge and be were former stars go to die, i tried to make it a trio of italian stars by signing Zambrotta but he wanted to much money i also tired Per Kroldrup i think it is former Everton player but he was out injured.

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The other player to join was Cale a Croatian LB who i signed in my Dinamo save he is a decent player and yet again will add to the much needed depth.

I spent my £1million on Halilovic but due to youth rules i wont get him for another 2 seasons!!

Off out for the day with the kids now,(Shame its not FM weather Rain) already into December in the story so will post it all up later​
keep hold of adailton because he is an absolute beast
FC Sion

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August 2012

Super League
Sion 4 - 1 Thun
N Djeng 8 Gattuso 11 Crettenand pen 48 Mrdja pen 87

What a win! Nice to thrash someone after my recent story with Granada, both the strikers score but it was mainly thanks to the pens we won impressively.

Super League
Lausanne 0 - 4 Sion
Gattuso 2 Aislan 22 Magairaz 37 N Djeng 76

Another impressive result as the players continue to play attacking football with AMC Magairaz key to most of our success, depth in the squad could be key as we have nobody decent to bring on and later in the season this could really show.

Super League
Grasshoppers 1 - 2 Sion
Adailton 12 Magairaz 50

That man Maggie grabs us the winner and this story could very much become about how great he is!

Super League
Sion 3 - 0 Young Boys
N Djeng 2 Magairaz 28 Mrdja 92

These 3 our going to be key to any future success for the club with them all looking like potential superstars for the club and this looks like its going to be fun!

Super League Table

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Top of the table at the moment but i dont think Basel are going to drop many points this season but they are up next! As its such a small league we play each other 4 times so those 4 meetings between us and Basel will be the key to the League!


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All of my players doing all sorts of wonders after that amazing month.​
FC Sion

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September 2012

Super League
Sion 2 - 3 Basel
N Djeng 72 Itaperuna 76

Basel destroy us in the first half and our strikers come back with a couple of goals in the second half but its all for nothing as we lose for the first time this season and it shows the gap in class between us and the top.

Sauthier who is our CM got injuried on international duty for a few months not what we needed right after the bad result against Basel.

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Super League
Sion 4 - 2 Servette FC
Margairaz 18 Mrdja 33, pen 58, 91

A huge win after the poor Basel result as Mrdja scores a brilliant hat trick from a range of chances.

Swiss Cup 1st rnd
Tuggen 2 - 3 Sion
Adailton 8 N Djeng 17 Gattuso 97

A lucky win as i played a few of the reserves we have but they came back late on and we had to go to extra time to grab the win only tiring my threadbare squad further.

Super League
St Gallen 0 - 2 Sion
Adailton 15 Mrdja 86

A good win as DC Adailton scores yet again and Mrdja adds to his goal tally of 8 in 10 games and he is not the only goal threat!

Super League
Sion 5 - 1 Luzern
Mrdja 21, 24, 85, 89 Margairaz 49

What a goalscoring display from Mrdja as he bangs in 4 goals in 2 little crazy pockets of action and AMC Margairaz also has another good game.

I forgot to get a league table screenshot but there is only 3 games in October so it wont have change to much when i post that update.

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FC Sion

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October 2012

Super League
Zurich 2 - 2 Sion
N Djeng 9, 22

We should have got all 3 points today but fatigue is really starting to show in the side and a lot of players have picked up injuries.

Current Injuries

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Swiss Cup 2nd rnd
Delemont 0 - 2 Sion
Mrdja 56 Wuthrich 64

With the threadbare squad left winger Wuthrich fills in at centre midfield and does a brilliant job.

Super League
Sion 2 - 2 Lausanne
Wuthrich 23 Zanetti 34

Wuthrich is going to be retrained as a CM as he is confident in that position and im in need of all the players i can get, we drew this game again thanks to players coming off with niggling injuries.

Swiss League

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5 points adrift of 1st place already despite not the worst start to the season, it shows how far Basel are ahead of us, we need to build a bigger and better squad as i think the first team is almost there.


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Mrdja is the current top goalscorer and N Djeng has the joint most assists but most impressively is that Gattuso is still a dirty ****** with his seven yellow cards in 12 league games!
Pretty good start buddy!! Gattuso is an animal ;)
Pretty good start buddy!! Gattuso is an animal ;)
Best of all was in the match report it quite often says he is dominating the aerial battle! I imagine by kicking people in the shins when they jump for the ball!
FC Sion

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November 2012

Super League
Thun 2 - 1 Sion
Wuthrich 58

Wuthrich grabs another goal, his 3rd in a row since i moved him into the centre of midfield but we lose for the second time of my reign against a much worse club in Thun

Super League
Sion 1 - 0 Grasshoppers
Itaperuna 88

I bring on third choice brazillian striker Itapernua who scores very late in the game to get our season back on track after a massive 2 games without a win.

Super League
Sion 5 - 3 St Gallen
Adailton 12 Mrdja 36, 44, 54, 64

Well Mrdja has gone missing in the recent few games but he comes back with a bang in this game to smash in 4 goals in half an hour either side of the break to secure our highest scoring game.

Super League
Young Boys 1 - 0 Sion

Back down to earth with a thud, the defence needs major shake up in the summer.

Super League

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6 points off of top spot but we are also already 8 points clear of 3rd, a 2nd place finish would be amazing considering what the bookies touted us at the start of the season.


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What do you guys think? Has the two poachers up front paid off?!?