FM 2007 Records

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Also you should have one for most injuries at one time :(

holy snot! ive had me multiple injuries but that its a ****! 12 players?!?!
lol well I did only promote 2 youth players and glen johnson and crespo, who are on loan, into the screen shot for comedy value lol my training regime isnt even that intense!
Here we go 3 records in one game in blue we have Most Scorers In One Match (6) in red we have Most Assists In A Match By A Single Player (3) and in yellow we have Most 10 Player Ratings In a Match (8)
Any records posted from me over the next week will be coming from Norway so I think mine should get extra significance :D
Not sure if those records will count. I had some for fm05 or maybe 06 from denmark that they wouldn't accpet because apparently it wasn't competitive enough. :(
Haha I meant Im actually in Norway working, and Ive managed to tap into the hotels wireless network from the laptop Ive got with me. Unfortunately I cant install FM on it for some reason. It just stops on the processing screen for ages and when I cancel it it gives me a load of ***** about Java problems.

Sorry for going off topic
Got some records for you, just pwned this **** team in spanish cup, unlucky Ad beat your hat-trick record mate :D

Most 10's in a match - 10
Biggest Win - 14-0
Highest scoring game - 14-0
Most scorers in 1 match - 7
Most assists by a singler player in 1 match - 3
Quickest Hat-trick - 6mins
Yeh that skin is a bit nasty to be honest. But then again so are all the FM skins I've seen.
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