Justin Bieber - What you think about him?

I have never really reflected over my views for Justin Bieber, cos I don't really care
Dont really know him but ive heard he is a **** and his own biggest fan.
Very arrogant young man or should i say boy is what ive heard, imagine what hes gunna be like when he has pubes :eek:
I won't call him a **** or anything but he seriously has a puberty problem.
Meh, he's what wee kids listen to. A while ago it was My Chemical Romance, before that it was the Spice Girls. It's all pop.
his music stinks, his singing voice is awful, hes only famous cos little girls fancy him, personally i think hes too much of a little boy, mummys boy
sings like a girl, one of the worst singers in the world , whoever calls him good is a girl too.
Don't give a **** about him, but it does annoy me that he's started or is at least part of this stupid trend of having mid length hair and brushing it all onto your face.