The Complete Regen/Show off your regen thread Fm13

I'm in 2018 with Colchester and I just got for the first time some decent regens. I was surprised with the 5 stars here. He has 179 potential and "similar type of player to Kyriakos Papadopoulos". What do you think? I don't think he can become a world class player :S

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Surprised this guy was interested in signing for me as both me and watford were in the championship when i signed him. He is my backup RB in the PL at only 15.
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Not quite sure what to make of this guy , signed him free from Jamaica , looks like he'll either score a bicycle kick to equalise in the last minutes or lose the game attempting a scorpion kick
Wow! That last regen looks amazing already needs a bit of work on his quickness but u have got a gem of a player there!

haha, furiosio should be, tried to sign him and clipston before but opted to sign for juventus and norwich respectively. A season later they cost me £15mil a piece
These are the players who have broke in to my first team, I've got alot of a good regens but most of them are on loan

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- Kayal (Israel's finest picked up for 325k from M. Tel-Aviv)
- Prieto (250k from Malaga B years ago. Hard tackler, got xavi/alonso/cesc's passing dna, fantastic reading of the game & tactical knowledge)
- Colic (1.2m from Borac years ago. He's a Bosnian monster & probably the best ball playing centre back I've ever had on the game)
- Radojewski (Made Germany captain at the age of 17, purchased from Shalke years ago for 375k)