because it means when you choose the start time of the game you can start straight away in februaury so it saves you from holidaying and teams from making transfers.]you can select it as view only
hope that helps
be aston villa to try and lift them bak up the table or west ham
alisfans have you started in sweden february 2011 in the "final configuration" section
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look at game start date aboveadvanced option itsays.... february 2011
load sweden click start in sweden but then choose a team in england

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just wait until your next fixture and it will automaticaly change mate :D
table stayed the same on mine even after a game! :'(

any chance you could aktually upload a save where the table is correct? so we can just go on your save the add new manager
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ok after people requesting for a saved game i have done one. The table is as off last night b4 the chelsea game but in game it simmed a fews games so as to even up the games played. I can't stop it so it is not exactly perfect but it is close enough to real life not to notice a huge difference.
I have done the premier league and the championship- enjoy
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you will need to extract this to the games folder
the only nations loaded are sweden (for the start time) and england as far as the blue square.
if you would rather have other nations then you can download the DB from the OP and FMRTE it yourself with the nations you want
and one more thing:)
the cups wont be the same. odds are they'll be completely different.:p
just incase somebody was hoping to be birmingham;)
this works thankyou

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gt the update and am in feb and I dont know who to be help any ideas
blackpool try to raise them back up the table like at start of season
II've got 2 managers cos I couldn't decide, I'm Bolton (8th in BPL) and Norwich (3rd in FLC)
just remember to post screenies if you want at the end of the season to show off how well you havedone