We want you!!! Are you up for the challenge!?! Fm 2013 Network revolution

how would you like to commence your management venture

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Still no add? JTPR88

Was rank 1 in FM live for 2 seasons before leaving. Server : turkyilmaz or whatever it was called.

And yeah, from UK.
on my way home from work in 5 mins, see you guys on steam :) for the meeting
Steam Id; adz-10-6-94

names adam moore, im 18, from leicester and support leicester city!

name, steam name, age, location in the U.K, football club supported and a wee bit about your previous football manager related experience network and single player.
Seriously disappointed, thought I had found an active and well planned network game. Apparently not. Really hope there is a valid reason why the meeting didn't happen.
norwegian, but british at heart. played fm12 one year. newcastle fan. not very computer savvy, but trustworthy.
steam-id - kembobaby
anyone who wants to carry on despite the absence of group leader Rob come in the chat room where we will get on with the meeting. This is for anyone in the group already because I can't invite or accept people into the group
im in if there is still room to join lads. (ladies if there any about) - just add me in
I am pondering the idea of creating a replacement group for this if our leader robmkdon doesn't return and revive this group so keep an eye open for a new thread in the network section.
I am interested if you want a network game, search and add me on Facebook so we can sort out further details, my facebook name is Richard James Scott Punk.
the messiah is back after an eventful night, sorry to all concerned for the poor showing on my part which was uncontrollable on my part due to a vehicle break down and being stranded in the cold anyways long story short ive reconnected with all whom were online when i arrived in 2 hours late at 8:30 and the game details will now be released and further information provided
game details: leagues loaded- english, dutch, french, german, italian, scottish and spanish
leagues available - english championship and league 1
5 teams available in championship (3 left) 5 teams available in league 1 (1 left)

teams allocated: (steam names) corbifostar - watford
g8nnon - huddersfield

robmkdon - mk dons
dannyb10u- oldham
davidwothington27 - preston
mfilby1986 - swindon
game scheduled times (official) 6:30pm - 8:30pm 30 min break then 9:00pm - 11:00pm monday, tues, weds, thurs (1 day might be reduced) (times official)
friday team meeting 6:30pm to discuss weekend playing times

for all other information read opening page or contact me with questions
basicly guys the game is definitely on and the official start date is sunday 4th november at 2:00pm where a team meeting will be held to introduce players and cover any pre game concerns and the game will be loaded and kick off for 2:30pm

6 places are guaranteed o be filled there are 4 places available that are currently being held as i await reply from (Steam name) aspear11, snimo, grc, badboy_doin i hope to contact or hear from these guys but come 4:30pm a decision must have been made for the official players and official team allocation so please guys everyone intrested post as much info as you can (promote yourself) im looking for dedication and i will determine the final cut at 4:30 pm should there be available spaces i will pick the people who seem most dedicated and have made the most effort and intrest. please ensure you leave your steam name and preferred team name, keep an eye on the thread and you will all be kept up to date