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    Winning U21 / U19's Tournaments

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if you win National Youth Tournaments does it add to your manager points which are shown in the Hall of Fame? Thanks.
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    Graphics Card

    Right, so basically,after months of not playing FM due to a lack of a computer/laptop but I have now borrowed a computer off my Uncle so obviously the first thing I did was to install FM.However,I cannot load up the game due to the graphics card not being good enough,so I am currently in...
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    Bolton Wanderers

    Right , this is my first time managing Bolton (other than on FM08) so I am a little unsure on how to approach the job i.e which tactic to use , what players to sell/buy , any staff additions? Start of Season Expectations - Mid-Table Finish Transfer Budget - £1.5M Remaining Wage Budget - 28K %...
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    Football's Greatest

    Football's Greatest was a TV series that started on the June 10, 2010 and finished on July 11, 2010 on Sky Sports for the World Cup.There were 26 shows in total, 25 featuring one footballer for each show. The first show was about players that didn't make the following shows but were still...
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    Take Me Out

    Anybody else watch it? I personally only watch it because of Paddy McGuiness! The stuff he comes out with sometimes are absolute genius :D What is your opinion on the show? Favourite lines from it?
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    How do I move screenshots?

    Hey guys , I am currently thinking of starting a story but to make it more interesting I want to add screenshots. However , each time I add in a screenshot to an OP it goes to the bottom , how would I get the screenshot in between my writing? ---------- Post added at 04:00 PM ----------...
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    Please tell me theres a way....

    Right , so basically i have spent the last 4 hours making a Hull City Guide(in another tab) and I just finished but somehow it has been deleted , I have clicked the undo/redo arrows but it's not making a difference , is there a way to get it back?
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    What Do You Do First On A New Game?

    Just out of curiosity , I was wondering what everyone else did first when they start a new game. Personally , I read through all the messages , then take a look at my Team Report. After this I start to look through my players and try to decide what tactics/player roles will suit my squad. I...
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    List Of FM Sites

    After noticing a lot of members advertising other FM sites on here , I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea if I just made a list of different websites connected with Football Manager. If any Mods deem this unnecessary then feel free to close/delete it , I just thought it would be easier for other...
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    Post your Football Manager CV

    Hey , As you can tell from the title , just a thread to post your FM 'CV' , this is not a thread to gloat about success or mock other's due to a lack of it.You may say this is a similar concept to the 'Post your successes' thread , but I have been given the go-ahead from Jake so if you any...
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    Fulham - Right Wing Dillemma

    I have just started a new game with Fulham , the only thing is I have 4 right wingers who are all about the same in ability,age and value. I want to sell two of them but not sure which one's as I haven't managed Fulham before. The money I can make is not really an issue as I have £10M to spend...
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    Nice to be here

    Hi all , been using this site for downloads for about a year now , so I figured it was time to join in the discussion around the forums and register on the site. I have been playing management games since I was around 6 , so about 10 years ago now , but only really began playing religously from...