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    Lucky divot goal

    This is quite a random thread but last week or the week before, in either the Championship, L1 or L2, one of the flukiest goals I've ever seen was scored. Someone crossed it to the 6 yard box from the wing, and it bounced at almost a right angle to go past the keeper. It was shocking but I was...
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    Go on Fulham!!!

    After a disastrous start...they have now pegged the mighty Juve level. Anyone watching? Only got a stream for the second half...that was a pen tho. Cannavaro got sent off in the first half, and apparently Zamora has been on fire. One more goal will do it for Fulham...
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    Terry given time off

    Thought there might have been a thread already on this... I hope his wife ***** him off. I don't why know Terry is getting any sympathy at all, he cheated on his wife and kids, with a slag who was at the time going out with...
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    Six Nations

    Anyone? Obviously I'll be following Wales, if we beat England today (hopefully) then we have a good chance. Sadly though it'll probably be out of Ireland and France. Anyone following? If you're not, don't bother with any 'rugby iz like ttly for gays who lik wtching men *** eachotha' posts...
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    So I finally got FM

    Well, a couple of weeks ago in fact. Hadn't bought it earlier due to lack of money, then shitloads of uni work in December/January, hence my disappearance from the site. Now I've got it however, and am failing miserably with Wrexham, I thought I'd start posting again and hopefully stick around...
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    Where have my posts gone?

    I'm sure I was well over 3000 this I've gota break 3k again :P. How come some have gone?
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    I'm back...

    Didn't make a thread saying I'd be away, but I've been travelling in the US for the past month, hence my lack of activity on here. Anyway I'm back now and I'm liking the new skin/colours. It looks a lot more professional imo, but also more classic, the green reminds me of ye olde CMBase...
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    You know what I'm talking about. Thoughts?
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    Bosingwa to escape FA action.,19528,11095_4888175,00.html Seriously WTF is all I can say. Kung-fu is now acceptable it seems, yet winning the ball is not.
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    KAKA rejects City Nice one, good to see he's motivated by more than money. What were you saying Steaua Burcharest??
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    New Camera

    So am looking at a new camera, probs for Xmas, between about 70-90 squids methinks. Anyone got any recommendations? (Does anyone even have a camera?) [email protected]@king at this one atm, seems pretty good for the price (10MP is around what I'm after generally, I'm hardly an expert :P)...
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    Busiest ever?

    Is this the busiest the site has ever been?? With 09 out all the threads, especially the 09 ones obv, seem crazy. And some people are actually posting more than once. Just wondering, don't think I've seen it like this in a long loooong time (H)
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    Kris Boyd

    Quitting while George Burley is in charge. What do you, especially the Scots, think? It seems like far too many players are doing this, showing too many of them are Prima Donna's. I mean I'd be upset if I didn't get picked for my country, but quitting under a certain manager won't get you...
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    Happy Birthday Sean+Lee

    So its the twins' 21st birthday's today....have a good one boys! (There's no cake or party smiley!)
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    Weird one...

    Am currently Valencia, and in my CL group going into the last game I'm on 7 points, Celtic are on 4. I'd beaten them 4-3 at home, so they only need a two goal victory...which they got by beating me 3-1. Yet I still went Not that I'm complaining >_>. Results v def come ahead of gd...