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Recent content by alanrichie

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    Newcastle Suggestions, 2nd Season, suggestions with screenies ooo!

    I finished 3rd in my 1st season, need suggestions on team? I want a striker as backup to De jong i think but to many options that would cost the same as i paid for him if you get me? Im quite tempted to buy Giroud... and play De jong as 2nd? Mid's fine i think, plenty depth, Defence im...
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    Having a player on your shortlist, increases the chance another team will bid?

    Call me crazy but im sure having someone in your shortlist makes it more likely another team will bid for him? I feel this has been present in all the last few FM's Where if i didnt pay a guy any attention he would stay unnoticed by everyone for longer, where as if i had him on my shortlist...
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    Abel Hernandez - Absolute Machine - Worried PPM's will change him?

    Abel has been class for me since singing, 10goals in 7 games scoring 4 in 1 of em. Hes doing everything so superbly, hes currently learning place shots with focus on training on his quickness. Im so impressed with him and after he has learned place shots im really unsure if i should follow my...
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    shinji kagawa - getting him to join me help!!!!!!!

    Ive been priasing shinji for about 18months now, i get the odd "its nice to receive praise from some managers" but now mostly its "im getting sick" etc. Will praising him more to any harm? and he is into the last 6months now so i can approach to sign but he is not intersted. This happened...
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    Striker - NUFC - 20million

    Went back 13 pages cant really find any players... Moussa Sow aint interested in me i dunow why wont start negotiations. 1st season January transfer window, Sold Ba and Collo for 23m and bought Tomkins just need a Striker, got Paloschi already. Help?
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    Newcastle, 11.3, starting players

    I always play as Newcastle regardless but im getting bored of starting games,buying the same players, normally young and waiting for them to mature. My starting 11 at the mo Vincent Eneyema appiah c.zapata s.taylor j,enirique / peter masiele Milan...
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    Sanago, Babacar and Lukaku - The best?

    Hi there, Been on forums for quite a while now, obviously everyone knows these guys very well, just wondering who you think are the best player? Or do you think it depends how much game time they get etc? I signed babacar in the first season for 10million, offered some good cover for Suazo...
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    NUFC 2013-2014 Major help needed! Team pic included

    Hi guys, my team below Uploaded with ImageShack.us need some more depth tbh, had Wilshire on loan last season may loan him again got 50million in the bank, aint bought anyone for agesssss Im after a older striker (already tried cavani,aguero,torres,rooney,tevez,benzema,pato) argh and a...
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    Newcastle 2013-2014 - Striker - 48mil budget

    Alright guys My teams full of wonderkids and i want a striker 23 plus that will get loads of goals aguero just signed new contract :( Ive already got neymar,babacar and kadlec, neymar got 40ish last season in all competitions
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    ARGHHHHHH! Assistant manager wage

    I went to offer ezio sella a contract but it would only let me offer him 2,800 per month I have 150,000 spare in my wage budgets, so why is it not letting me offer more? I tried sacking my current assistant and i can still offer next to nothing, yet if i try to sign bryan robson from chelsea...
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    Newcastle - Jan 2011 - LFC update v3

    Soooo! Just installed the update sitting at the 1st of January and rubbing my hands together! How would you guys spend it? Obviously a striker? Who would you guys pick? Any other team improvemets? Thanks Alan
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    Newcastle Strikers - Andy Carroll

    Hi guys So im fancying a sunday sesh on FM but sick of the same process time and time again on the first transfer window, Soon as i start up i sell the following players Xisco - 1.8m Ameobi - 3m (Sometimes) Ranger - 3m Vuckic - 1.6m Tim Krul - 1.6m Barton - 3.2m (sometimes) Lovenknards - 1.5m...
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    Suggestions for transfer window!

    Hi Guys, Below is a picture of my NUFC team in June 2013. Im happy with every part of my team apart from ML but ive got Steven Deflour signing on a free to cover that. Ive got 32mil to spend and cant really think of who to sign as im pretty happy with all the players.. Finished 5th last...
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    Man ******* City

    Rant alert lads! I play with Newcastle all the time striving to put them in a position where i can afford sanchez, hazard,sissoko etc, And im only in 2012 and check Man Citys starting line up. I think its abit unfair tbh and its so blatent aswell, i find genurally other clubs even the likes...
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    Andres Guardado vs Zezinho ( I KNOW I SHOULDNT)

    Both accepted for 5mil Guardado has better stats now and i would need the player to fit straight into my 1st Season NUFC team, Who do i go for? Can Zezin fit straight in?