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Recent content by Beef1987

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    Anyone sticking with FM 16 for another year??

    Basically as the title suggests, anybody? haha
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    Wanyama or Kramer

    I'm looking to add a ball winning midfielder to my squad, and I've narrowed it down to one of these two. Which one would you go for and why? Thanks guys
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    This one seems really hard..

    Just me, or is FM16 ******* impossibly challenging?? It isnt like I'm a "NOOB" or anything, I'm 28 years old and have been playing Footy Manager since 2000/2001... So I like to think I know a little about these games, but NOTHING is working for me so far! I've started saves with numerous...
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    Hiring coaches

    Hello FMers! Anyone else struggling to hire any coaches on this game?? I'm Southampton, tried hiring Baresi as my assistant.. went to Lazio.. tried signing Jaap Stam as my defence coach.. went to heerenveen... tried signing Massimo Neri as my fitness coach... went to Real Madrid.... I'm also...
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    A little bored

    I never thought I would say this but I have became a bit stagnent with FM at the moment, I cant seem to enjoy any saves, anyone got any idea what kind of save I should get started up? :'(
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    General Training help please

    Hola!! So I'm just after a few tips on how to set up my own general training really. I usually let my assistant take care of this, but I'm really enjoying my current save with Watford and I'm looking to have a bash at conducting my own training sessions. I started off pre season with a lot of...
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    Is it cheating..

    .. That I've gone into the editor and changed Mats Hummels so that I can sign him for Man Utd? I feel horrible doing it lol, but I really wanted him!!
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    I cant stick to a save for more than 5 minutes

    I'm really struggling to stick with it on this years edition.. don't know what the problem is :( Any advice for me?
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    Brazilian League

    Hello :) I want to start a save in Brazil but cant decide who to be... there is quite a lot of quality teams. Anyone had experience in this league? Which teams perform well/Which teams perform poor? Who has the best finances/transfer budget :P? I'm going to load the Chile, Mexico...
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    Dinamo Zagreb 1st Season

    Just wondering if anyone has had experience of the Croatian league as it is my first time managing there... So far in the transfer market I have picked up.. Vladimir Yurchenko - Free Marko Babic - Free Loic Poujol - £2.5million I have sold a fair few deadwood/fringe players but nothing...
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    Portuguese youngsters

    Anyone know any good, cheap Portuguese youngsters?? I've just started a game with FC Porto and I'm looking to bring in some Portuguese youth (under 21's). I have £7.5million to spend and could do with a wing back, centre back, and a backup striker...Any suggestions? Thanks guys :)
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    Just bought a couple of players I've had no experience with :/

    Hey, I've just started a save with CSKA Moscow and I bought Daniel Kofi Agyei(4.5mil Fiorentina) and Sotiris Ninis(2.1mil Panathinaikos). Has anyone had any experience of developing these two young whippersnappers?? If so please, pass on your advice. Thank you
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    A couple of challenges to make my game a little more....well, challenging!!

    Hey guys, I've been wanting to start a game with Real Madrid for ages now and since I've got all of next week.....yes, ALL of next week off work, I figured now is the best time to start it. But this is where you guys come in......It is obvious to most that playing with Real Madrid is possibly...
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    Sergio Aguero and David Villa partnership

    Hey guys I've bought Sergio Aguero for Barcelona and basically I'm going to be playing him upfront with Villa but am unsure what roles to give them both............I was thinking about Aguero (Trequartista) and Villa (Poacher) Just looking for a couple of your opinions though because like I...
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    Portuguese League Facepack

    Hello all. Just wondering if someone could link me to a Portuguese league facepack? Cheers