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    Player screenshot request thread

    Thank you so much!!!!!
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    Player screenshot request thread

    Hello there! Last time I was here, every edition of FM had one of these threads (and with dozens of pages). I guess the forum has died down a bit? Anyway, I would really, really appreciate it if someone would post a screenshot of this player at the beginning of the game: Chris Gloster...
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    Best soccer stats website?

    What is the most in-depth soccer statistics website you have come across? The only good one I've seen is whoscored.com. Does anyone know of any others?
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    21 year old student lands job as a manager thanks to Football Manager CV

    I didn't see this posted anywhere so I thought I might as well: 21-year-old student lands manager job in Azerbaijan on strength of Football Manager resume - ESPN FC
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    I just turned 24, I have the face of an 18 year old (it runs in the family, on both sides they look very young and age well), I can't grow decent facial hair...and I'm going bald. I always had a very high hairline, like my father, and I always thought since he still has a full head of hair at...
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    Screwed over

    Would have used harsher words in the title but don't want to get in trouble with mods. I was out late with some friends and they all decided to go home at around quarter to five. My friend, who was with another group, just texted me telling me be was at this popular park in the area. I went...
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    FIFA patches

    I stumbled across this on the internet and thought it was worth making a link too: Cep 11 - Soccer Gaming Forums It's a patch with all 52 UEFA leagues and all 10 CONMEBOL leagues as well as some best of in the Asian, African, and Oceania leagues. There were some errors in the database, and...
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    Anyone else here sick? I think it's underrated in how much of a nuisance it is. When I am in foreign countries I get these colds that make me feel like death. As in the worst cold I've ever had times 10. This one isn't my worse (one time when I was in Latin America I actually couldn't move...
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    FIFA members paid 1.5 million for WC22 votes by Qatar

    It's ESPN so not credible but I thought I might as well post it: FIFA members 'paid $1.5m' for World Cup 2022 votes by Qatar - ESPN Soccernet Whether or not this story is true I'm inclined to believe something happened, there's no way a rational human being could have picked them for the...
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    Was Arsenal ManU worth watching?

    Unfortunately I saw that the score was 1-0. **** BBC, I just checked the front page to see about bin Laden and they have the score there from yesterday. Anyway, I'm happy about the result, but was it a decent game? Or was it boring?
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    A couple cricket questions

    I can't believe it but I stayed up to watch a cricket match for the third time this week. My friend and I watched the Pakistan-West Indies match with wikipedia open and figured out most of the rules. Then I wathed two IPL matches this week. I'm very surprised, it's a really cool sport...
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    CONCACAF Champions League Final Second Leg--Salt Lake vs. Monterrey, 27th April

    CONCACAF Champions League Final Real Salt Lake vs. Monterrey Second Leg First Leg 2-2 Venue:Rio Tinto Stadium, Sandy, Utah Time: 22.00 EDT Preview: On Form: Real Salt Lake: RSL continues to shock North American soccer, this time by going into the 95-degree weather in Monterrey and...
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    Blueballed again

    I'll probably get infracted for this but honestly I don't give a **** what happens to Independiente or the US national team or even Arsenal or Barca for that matter. I just want something good to happen to me in real life. That is all. I just want to finally get some luck. I'm just like...
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    Jose Mourinho is so overrated

    I know I'm going to fan some flames with this and I know that if RM wins tonight everyone will tell me how wrong I am, but I am getting sick of all of the praise this man receives. I have heard time and time again statements like "He is the best manager in the game" and "He is the best manager...
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    FIFA runs poorly on my laptop...how can I fix it?

    Just bought FIFA 11 for the PC. It's so choppy and "pausey" that it's pretty much unplayable. I cleaned out my hardrive, ran CCleaner, and installed gameboost and now play the game with it (and I configured gameboost so that it shuts down every single task/application in the background while...