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    Seriously Monaco???

    So i started a new save with monaco and im currently in november (first season) and no matter what i do i cant win! Rock bottom of the league with 2 wins from 11. Players are just not performing especially Falcao, ive made some pretty good signings but nothing is working. Anybody else had any...
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    Quick question...

    I've just bought an asus notebook. Would it run fm14? Cheers
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    Does Anybody Else Feel The Need.......

    Does anybody else feel the need to buy players when you've got a large transfer budget even though you really don't need to buy anymore players? I'm in my 6th season with Roma and ive got a really good squad so i dont need to buy anybody, but ive got 83M left to spend and i feel like i need to...
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    Mexes....wont stop scoring.

    I'm currently 5th in serie A with roma and Mexes is on fire! Anybody else had him before or any other defenders that bang the goals in??
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    Xbox live problem

    I'm having problems with my xbox live, everytime i sign in it doesnt connect to live so i test the connection and it says cant optain i.p address, so i assign a static i.p address and that doesnt work either, i'm puzzled. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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    Cremonese...The push for Serie A

    This is my first story so hope it goes ok. I decided to start as Cremonese in Serie C1A, ive never played in the lower italin leagues before, My aim is to get promotion to serie A in 5 years. Ive already played 11 league games and im currently top of the table. Here is my squad, transfers...
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    Gaston Sangoy

    Ive signed him for Cremonese playing in serie C1A and so far he's been imense!! He scores in virtually every game. He's not a natural striker but ive been playing him upfront and he's been on fire!
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    Past Experience

    Morning guys, When you start a new game and you enter the manager details and you pick your past experiece like international footballer etc does it make a difference to what players will be interested in coming to your team etc? I'm guessing it will affect your reputation right? I've always...
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    Whats my fiance after???

    Well this morning i was upstairs on the loo when she came upstairs and told me to go and look on her emails, so i came downstairs and had a look and to my shock she has pre ordered FM2010 for me which is very nice of her. Has she got an alterior motive.......
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    Embarrassing Lampard

    I've been meaning to post this now for ages but kept forgeting....anyway i did genuinly mean to pick him i just forgot! Has this ever happened to anybody else before?
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    La Liga question

    Just wondered if anybody knew if there is a way in the editor to edit la liga and change it so you can have more than 25 players in your squad? Cheers.
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    Need a good tactic for bolton

    Im nearly in my 4th season with bolton and im not doing to bad but sometimes i just cant seem to score! Anyway here is my team which i think should be acheiving more than what we are at the mo. Any help would be appreciated guys, cheers.
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    99/00 Database

    I stumbled across this the other day but not had chance to try it out yet, its the same database as cm99/00. Reminds me of the good old days. http://www.fmgames.net/databases/the-9900-season-db/
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    The nleague.inc file that is is the same folder as the fake file do any of you huys know what it is and/or what it does?
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    Bafetimbi gomis

    Just bought him for spurs and 7 games into my first season hes not scored one! and his average rating aint much to shout about either! Just wondered if anybody else had signed him and what you all think of him because im getting nothing out of him at the minute.