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    UFC 112: Invincible

    Will be on ESPN at 6pm till 9pm Line up includes: UFC Middleweight Championship Title Fight Anderson Silva (World No. 1 Middlewight, World No. 1 Pound For Pound) vs. Demian Maia (World No. 5 Middleweight) UFC Lightweight Championship Title Fight B.J. Penn (World No. 1 Lightweight, World...
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    New Group

    FM -Scotland- Base Created the Social Group for FM Base members living in Scotland. Follow the link bellow to join or go through my profile. http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/group.php?groupid=43
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    Funny Cultural Insults

    After Tevez called Neville a boot licker I saw this in the paper of some insults from other countries. Some funny some quite serious. My personal favoure has to be the Sweeden one. Croatia - I wish you had died yerterday, peasant Romania - I dry my underpants on your mothers cross Estonia -...
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    Error Code 83

    When I try to start up FM2010 I g et a message saying FM failed to start (error code 83). Can anyone help me here would be really greatfull. I can't live without this game.
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    Leading Transfers

    I created a thread like this for 09 now doing it for 2010. Its simple just post a screenshot of your games leading transfers.
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    For UFC Fans

    For any UFC fans who have ESPN Clasics The Ultimate Fighter season 2005 is showing I think its on wednesdays around 10pm. Thats the season with fighters including Forest Griffin, Diego Sanchez, Josh Koshcheck(sp), Nate Quarry, Mike Swick, Sephan Bonner, Chris Leben, Kenny Florian etc and...
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    UEFA Cup Classics on Five

    Just for anyone who is interested channel 5 shows UEFA Cup Classics around 4 am. Just discovered this last nite when I flicked it on to see my beloved Celtic playing Lierpool at Parkhead in 2003. I game I remember quite well and a game I lost alot of respect for Liverpool after Diouf spat at...
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    My Petershill Story

    I've noticed that a few people haveposted stories of their success so thought I'd start one o my own. I've put my local team into the Scottish Third Division and gave them a squad of teenagers with potential. Going to see how far I can take them without having to buy or sell anyone. Will...
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    Post your Leading Transfers

    Heres mine from 2 different games. One I'm Celtic the other im unemployed.
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    Super League Request

    Just downloaded the European/World Super League and noticed there are 8 english teams. Does anyone have a different one? Or could somebody swap the following teams: Aston Villa with Byern Munich Everton with Werder Bremen Man City with Juventus Newcastle with America(MEX) Thanks
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    Your FM History

    Thought I'd start a thread for people to post their FM history. When they started playeing and what teams they have managed since. Started playing from CM 01/02 Managed: Celtic Lokomotiv Moskow FC Basel Livingston West Ham Utd Norwich St. Mirren Partick Thistle Stenhousmuir Clyde Byern...
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    Defence Tactic

    I play a 442. Currently I play a straight back line with no forward or back runs. But I noticed In a thread(Which I cant find now) a few people wer playing theyre fullbacks going forward and theyr centre back mooving back to the 6 yard box. As shown. .^..........................^...
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    Which Teams Produce The Best Regns

    Ive noticed that Partizan generate some great Regens and was wondering what other clubs do too as Im about to look for a feeder team.
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    Some women dont get it lol.

    Ive created myself in the game using the editor. I was playing the other day and my girlfriend noticed. I went through explaining it to her. Then she asked me to put her in as my wife haha. Then she got really angry when I told her I couldnt. Maybe just me but I thought this was funny.
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    Trouble At Celtic

    Two of my players have fell out Alexis Sanchez and Tsvetomir Todorov. If It isnt resolved by the end of the season Ive decided to sell Todorov. Problem is the U21 rule in Scotland that u must have at least 3 players under the age of 21 in your squad. Im in 2012 so Im going to have a look for...