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Recent content by DonVilla

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    Target Man trouble

    Hi all, I am having serious trouble getting the best out of a target man in this years FM. I have played numerous saves with Aston Villa, using Kozak, Benteke and Stracqualursi, and various formations, 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3, 4-4-2, however the target man always played poorly. I am now playing with...
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    Unorthodox 2-4-1-3 Tactic

    Hey all, I am currently working on a new tactic and would like feedback. What are the strengths and weaknesses? DLF(Supp) – TM(Supp) – AF(Att) AP(Supp) WB(Supp) – AN(Def) – DLP(Supp) – WB(Supp) CD(Def) – LD(Def) GK My main concern is that the midfield may easily be outnumbered. Thoughts?
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    Transfers Question

    I was just wondering, are players, in the game, who have 1 year left on their contract available at knock-down prices, as in real life? I have never noticed this in game before.
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    Box-to-Box Midfielder Help

    I need advice on which role to partner a box-to-box mid? I am playing a formation with 2 CM's, should the other CM be attacking or defensive? Or would 2 box-to-box mifdielders work well together (doubt it though)?
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    The True Villan

    17 June 2011 McLeish appointed as new Villa manager Ex-Birmingham City manager Alex McLeish has been appointed as the new manager of Aston Villa, following Gerard Houllier’s retirement from management due to heart concerns. This can only be described as a huge shock to the devoted Villa fans...
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    Match Preparation Help

    What workload do you use for match preparation during the season? I have used very high in pre-season so my team is familiar with my tactic.
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    Players asking price is zero pounds???

    I have come across a couple players on the transfer list with a transfer value, however the clubs asking price is zero? Anyone know what the reason for this is?
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    AFC Wimbledon - All Positions

    I have just started a game with AFC Wimbledon, however I'm struggling to get players to join me. To my surprise I managed to get Arsenal as a parent club, however I haven't managed to get any of their players on loan, as they aren't willing to join me. So I'm looking for free transfers or loan...
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    Training Progress

    Can someone please explain what the training progress bars in the players training tab represents? I have each of my players on their own custom training, the majority of the players bars are full, ie. good progress? However, some of the players bars are only half full, or three quarter way...
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    Nemanja Matic

    I bought this guy as he was on free transfer at the end of season 1, any idea how he turns out? I also have Ireland, Delph and Bannan competing for the same position as Matic.
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    Box-to-Box Midfielder

    Has anyone had any luck with this role? I can never seem to get the best out of a player playing this role. For example I am currently managing Blackpool, and played Charlie Adam as a Box-to-Box mid, and his average was around 6.60, I then played him as an advanced playmaker and he has since...
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    Quality of Referee's

    Just want to find out what you all think of the quality of the referee's so far. I think they have been top class, apart from a harsh red card for Cahill last night. The linesman have been brilliant as well, especially with regards to the disallowed goal in the opening game.
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    Dragon Age: Origins

    Has anyone played this game? Is it any good?
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    Aston Villa Skin

    I have a huge favour to ask anyone who has some spare time on their hands...is there someone that could make a skin with a Villa theme? Thanks guys. :D
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    South Africa

    Has anyone played in the South African leagues? What sort of transfer budgets do you get?