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Recent content by EnemaOfTheState

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    Question regarding league/nation editing

    This is my first time editing, and so far I've been going from scratch and just taking the 'trial and error' approach. Up to now, its been going okay - my plan is to just create my own world from scratch: 6 nations, 2/3 divisions in each, completely new teams in each etc and a regional...
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    LLM big style

    So I've got ten seasons into my game as Newcastle boss, and I won everything that I could. I'm not bragging or owt, I'm just making the point that I can't really achieve anything that hasn't already been achieved by a team of world-beaters, so I need a new challenge. So, after recently finding...
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    Is the Copa Libertadores playable in FM2011?

    I just wanted to know. If it is, then I'll probably start a new game with Argentina/Brazil playable.
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    Constant crash dumps

    I'm getting pretty consistent crash dumps in my FM save. I'm currently unemployed, and I'd say one in every 10 times I press 'continue', I get the same crash dump. Luckily, it doesn't affect the save game, it just forces FM to close and is a major annoyance. I've re-installed the game, I delete...
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    How to issue an ultimatum on FM2011

    Question's in the title folks. I had a quick shufty but I couldn't find any thread that says how to issue an ultimatum. Any ideas?
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    Christopher Samba - A menace in front of goal!

    Everyone knows who he is, but when I bought him for my Newcastle side last season, I thought I was just getting a solid, reliable big man who could get in the way and lump the ball forward when under pressure. Little did I know that he'd turn out to be my third highest goalscorer with a...
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    My assistant manager is better than me

    The title says it all really. I'm in November 2011 and I'm managing Nottingham Forest in the Premier League. My 4-2-3-1 saw Forest shoot up the Championship table to finish third (Billy Davies was sacked in December with Forest in 9th) and I snuck into the Premier League by virtue of the...
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    'The save game could not be loaded' every single time!

    I've seen a fair few people have had problems with this error message, and its got to be one of the most annoying. The first time I got it, I'd just got Forest into the EPL, and the last retrievable save was at the start of November. So I ploughed on, got to the EPL again and then I got the...
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    Daniel Villalva

    Is Daniel Villalva a good young player who'll hit it big? Just wondering if he's worth the investment at the moment. Anybody had any success with him?
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    Once a player, always a manager

    The final whistle blew and I punched the air, before heading over to shake Roberto Di Matteo's hand. He didn't look happy. My first game in charge of Newcastle United and a draw at the Hawthorns - no mean feat. After two early goals for the home side, my lads took a grilling at half time. And it...
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    Advice on effectively signing players

    So after buying FM2010 a while back, not being able to install it, finally installing it and playing it for a while before exams kicked in and me uninstalling it, I'm still a big ol' noob when it comes to being a football manager. I've looked at tactics on this website, tried out various...
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    Club Logo Request

    Hey, I created my own team and stuck them in League 2. I've got a logo sorted, but I don't know how to make them the correct size (like normal size and small size, for league table view and such) or how to put them in the game. If I post the logo, is there any chance someone could make it so I...
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    Steaua Bucharest - An (eventual) rise to European glory

    Title says it all - I'm gonna try and take Steaua Bucharest to the Champions League final. It'll take a while, they haven't even qualified for the Europa League yet! But it'll be fun managing a team I know nothing about, and I look forward to the challenge :) If any of you were wondering about...
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    Steaua Bucharest

    I'm gonna start a season with Steaua, try and bring some European glory back to Bucharest. However, I'm not really sure what standard of player it is, in terms of a comparison to English football. They're in the Champions League, so obviously its a pretty good standard, but they pale in...
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    Tottenham Hotspur - The end of mediocrity

    'Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy was today pleased to announce young manager Ollie Riley as new Spurs manager, after a sensational surprise move from Harry Redknapp back to Portsmouth. "Despite his lack of first team managerial experience, I feel Ollie here will be the spark to ignite...