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    Norwich and Stoke and Hull and Cardiff and Crystal Palace and Aston Villa

    This is my fm14 story based on the network game im playing with 5 friends. You'll notice that they are not in blue except norwich, thats because i am norwich in this game and im doing this during downtime :) I'm also going to call it that William will be the first to drop out. Manager...
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    Southampton and Reading The Story so far YT

    Hi there this series is on mine and my friends network football manger save. We are currently in 2020 amd this is the first episode, it is a little backround information on our results and current team as well as a few transfers. any advice or request for the next episode would be apreciated...
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    Versus tourney 3pm today (sunday)

    At 3pm today sunday the 10th march i will be running a versus tourney, everyone is welcome with any team of theirs, Server name SUNDAY 3PM hopefully we can get at least 4 of us depending on numbers it will be a league or knockout. Steam username jamesgray92 feel free to add me Note: to...
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    Southampton and Reading to the top?!

    So this isnt going to so much of a fictional story, more like a factual documantary of me and my friend managing Southmapton and Reading.
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    Network game EPL

    So i'll be setting up a network game probally starting to night if i get any interested partys. Basicly i will have the game setup every weekday from 6pm and maybe weekends if enough of you are on steam and wanting to play, i wont be able to play everynight but i will load it up and have it...
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    Funny/Random things in FM2013

    For all those moments that leave you laughing, shocked or bewildered or whether you just want to share something with the FM-Base community but isn't worth its own thread, post it in here (Preferably with screenshot(s)) This is an FM2013 edition of this thread: Funny/Random things in FM2012 So...
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    Team talks

    Anyone else having a monster time trying to get them right, Used the same basis i did on 12 but hasnt worked at all not one green in 5 games :/ tried the *** man for 2 games even worse result.
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    Transfer deadline days

    Great work on them! was very interesting indeed, feels like a proper deadline now unlike the old games!
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    FMC question

    Is there any way of selecting if attriubtes are hidden or not? like on the fm12? i know the new version if you like with the more detail you can choose but i didnt see an option in FMC.
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    CA/PA changes?

    Does anybody have any information how this will work in the next game? or infact any information regarding youth development. A while ago im sure i read somewhere that it was being changed for this game!
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    Exeter in the EPL

    so its august 2014 and i've got exeter to the EPL and came runner up in the league cup last season :D this season i've only played 3 epl games but i've been pooped on by man city sunderland and spurs, anyone got any tips how i can avoid relegation this season?
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    Spurs Takeover may/june 2022

    So im in 2022 with spurs have been with them since the start, doing very well won the epl about 8 times the CL 3 times fa cup 5 times league cup 6 times and other cups not worth noting. and now im getting my second takeover but this time the board are interested in getting rid of me and...
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    2 questions i never got round to asking before

    been playing fm a long time but theres 2 things that have allways bugged me and i've never botherd to ask untill now, 1) freekicks, am i correct in thinking a right footed player should take the freekick on the left side and vice versa? or if hes leftfooted should he take the left side...
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    Player Value

    So im in 2014 and i just noticed that messi is worth 44m rooney 41 ronaldo 42.5 and a number of players only just behind in the mid/high 30m, in the old games it seems the most a player could be worth was 36m (unless bought in which case it would be higher and slowly come down untill it reached...
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    Brillant player not getting international games?

    I have a amazing brazillian RW whos now 25 i think and hes only made 4 caps for brazil and they were due to injurys, does anyone know why this is? i mean why would an AI manager overlook him? hes worth 20million too its crazy!