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Recent content by JackMason

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    Manchester United - Life Without Fergie

    Manchester United - Life Without Fergie 5th July 2011 Football fans from all over the globe have been left reeling from the news that Manchester United's long serving manager Sir Alex Ferguson has retired. The news come out of the blue with no one expecting or foreseeing Ferguson retiring...
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    Patrick Vieria - Palmeiras Picture

    I can't find a picture of him. Would anybody please be able to help me. I have searched but the pics I get are blurred and not very good.
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    Who To Sign For Southampton

    I have a £10,000,000 budget and would just like some ideas on who to buy. I am thinking about re-signing Beattie and have heard good things about Ravel Morrison from Man Utd. A friend of mine also signed Marco Fabian for them at a cost of about £7.500,000. Who have others bought and is there...
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    Where is the Editor?

    I have FM 12 and cannot find the Editor there is no sports interactive file to find it in.
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    Weverson Leandro

    This Guy Looks Like A New Wonderkid!! Haven't Seen Him In Previous Games But Just Come Accross Him... Signing Him As You Read This. Will Test Him In The Demo But Would Most Likely Loan Him Out In The Game To Lower English Team
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    Bayern Munich Just Can't Seem To Shine

    Hi guys I'm currently managing Bayern Munich and using Raikans perfect tactic. However my squad isn't shining and in games against lower opposition I am only scoring 1 goal or drawing. The good news is I have barely conceeded but just need some impotus and advice on how to get the team firing on...
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    Croation Youngsters

    Anyone know of any good Croation Youngsters am playing as Dinamo and want to keep the squad relatively Croation but concentrate on youth.
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    James McCarthy

    I am using LFC Marshalls Update and have started a game as Man Utd. I'm looking at James McCarthy from Wigan. At the minute my scouts say he can be as good as, if not better than Anderson. I have signed Ganso and Thiago Alcantara who will be involved in my first team and for the future Julien...
  9. J


    Who should I buy for Southmapton... I have looked for a guide on the site but cannot find one. Please could someone help.
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    Santos - Who To Buy & Sell

    Hey guys I've just started up a game with Santos and was wondering if anyone else has played as them. I've started in December 2010 which is the start of their domestic league. I know I have the likes of Neymar and Ganso but was wondering who else I have... I am thinking of signing Rithely and...
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    Barcelona Youngsters?

    Im in my first season with Barcelona and I was wondering who I could sign to put in the under 19's or Barcelona Atletic to ensure they improve. What youngsters would suit Barcelona's style and that i could train up and tutor to be the next star.
  12. J

    Where are the player preferred moves seen?

    Where can you see the preferred moves of a player?
  13. J

    Right Winger For Palermo

    Who will fit in at Palermo on the right wing? I have about £19,000,000 but want to bring in a LB and CM too. Thanks
  14. J

    Tottenham striker, keeper, CM and ACM

    Who should I get for each position. I don't want Gomes and Ive sold Defoe and Crouch. I have opted for youth signing Chamberlain and Wickham. Who should I get. Appreciate all responses
  15. J

    Barcelona U19's or Barcelona Atletic?

    Where will the youngsters at Barcelona get better match experience and better stats from. I am unsure of who to play where and if they will improve in either catagory.