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    Free transfers after 20/21 season

    Hi, I just got Swindon Town to the Championship and as my budget is so small I have to rely on loans from my senior affiliate (Man City) and free transfers. Can anybody recommend some free transfers after 20/21 season for me to sign. Scott Fraser from MK Don's is on my list already. Thank you in...
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    Timo Werner help

    I love a 4-1-2-3 DM wide formation (just like Klopps Liverpool) and I mimic the way Liverpool play the best I can. I use my lone striker as a F9 however have always always struggled to use a Pressing Forward attack in this position. With an F9 I'm happy for Bobby to bag 15 goals a season across...
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    4-1-2-3 LDP's History in The Making

    4-1-2-3 LDP's History in The Making 19.3.+ NOW WITH 19.3.+ updated version! Download below: Ensure opposition instructions are controllee be *** man Evidence: Hello, I am sick of seeing many unrealistic formations and tactics and I believe I have created the most realistic Liverpool tactic...
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    Getting your inside forwards to score top goal scorers

    Hello, Does anybody know how to get inside forwards becoming the focal point of a team and score 20+ goals a season?
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    A few problems I have with the game...(not a rage thread i promise)

    Okay, so I'm actually not going badly with my Liverpool save, I have won the league and got to 2 CL finals in a row however I do have a few problems which i genuinely believe the game/AI fixes against you. Penalties - Fabinho has a high rating of 18 in penalties yet he has scored 30% of them in...
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    Gegenpress tactic

    Hello, I'm the author of LDPs Gegenpress tactic and ever since the update it has been completely ruined. Since then I have tried multiple tweaks with a 4-1-4-1 formation under gegenpressing and nothing seems to be working at all. I think the update has made gegenpressing useless. Apart from...
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    4-3-3 DM Wide Klopp's realistic gegenpressing

    Hello FM fans, this is the first time I have ever uploaded a tactic and I feel I have finally made a realistic version of Klopp's Liverpool tactic. It relies on fast counter attacking moves with very high pressing. The tactic is not plug and play, it took me until November time for the team to...
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    Best players to sign after promotion

    Hello, I am on the verge of getting Swindon Town promoted to the SkyBet Championship and although I have done this a few times I have never asked other players for help once promoted. I wanted to know if any body could advise me on 4/5 star* players to sign for free or extremely cheap once...
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    Injuries leading me to buy the editor

    I have just got Swindon promoted to the skybet championship. After signing some top players on free transfers during the pre season let me go give you a Run down on the injury list. 1. Nathan Thompson 7 weeks 2. Nathan Byrne 4 weeks 3. kasim 4 weeks 4. Foderingham 3 days 5. Brad smith 3 weeks...
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    Every single year...

    Hello I have always found on Football manager no matter what, if you leave defending corners on default the computer scores from way too many corners. Now i'm quite tactically clued on when watching a football match but i'm not with corners. I was 3-0 up against Newcastle, they scored 3...
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    FM15 Experts Where am I going so wrong!? Really need opinions

    Hello, I have started as Swindon Town FC and understand it's the Beta but thought I'd still beg for some urgent help as my results are appalling so far with i'd say a pretty decent team. Please take the time to look at my tactical instructions and tell me what to do...I have tweaked but nothing...
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    I'm looking for a tactic but cannot find it ANY WHERE!

    Hi, I'm looking for a good 4-2-3-1 but FM14 calls it 4-5-1 Every time I create my own the striker gets isolated and the wingers constantly play below average games I find it hard to believe you cant play a lone striker such as Sturridge or Suarez and they wont score please some body help!
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    What do you consider 'Possession' based football

    Hello, I have been Liverpool manager for 4 years now and one of the boards philosophies to achieve is play 'Possession' based football. I personally would consider that to be at least 60/65% per game to be considered possession based. Most of my matches including away matches are around 65/75%...
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    Players that have not lived up to the hype

    As the title states what players have you heard are incredible and perform with average ratings of 7.50 onwards but been disappointing for you. mine is Balanta, he is a great player for me but nothing special, he normally does better as left back for me. Diame is another, he is a bargain...
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    The Hot Prospects of LFC Developed...

    So the first thing I did when I started playing as Liverpool was hire some fantastic & FREE coaches with the exception of Terry McDermott from Birmingham as my new Assistant Manager. Below is the list: Chico Fraga Oscar Rodriguez Toni Ruiz Josep Segura Marcel Lucassen Clive Allen Darlan...