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    Andre Villas-Boas appointed as Spurs Coach

    Your thoughts? Who would you have picked instead or is he the right man? What will he do/not do at Spurs? Will he keep Modric? :D Thanks
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    The Knockout Challenge: FM 2012

    Due to people not finishing in time, the deadline has been moved forward to Monday 5pm GMT The Knockout Challenge How it works I am looking for 16 people to register, when you register, you must choose a number between 1 and 16. When 16 are ready to register, I will pair people together...
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    Crashing On The Same Date

    Finished 1st season with Tottenham and randomly the game just crashes, so I load up the game again and it crashes at exactly the same point again. Ive tried it twice more and stil no sucess. I am using Stecklo's skin with some face/kit/logo packs if this could make any difference. Any Ideas To...
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    European Super League Auction Game

    Breaking News Fifa Wants To Modernise Football The FIFA President today announced that a World Super League will be created to increase revenue and hopefully have oil rich football teams! To start of this project 25 teams have included themselves to be bid, but only 14 may be selected...
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    European Youth Is Our Only Hope: The Real Thing

    ITV Broadcasting Presents: European Youth Is Our Only Hope! Presented By Adrian Chiles and Gareth Southgate Adrian Chiles: Welcome To ITV's brand new series of "European Youth Is Our Only Hope," where I will be following the lives of 12 unknown footballing teenagers developing through their...
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    European Youth Is Our Only Hope: Series 1 Applications

    This is now closed so please dont reply anymore, sorry :(
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    European Youth Is Our Only Hope: Series 1 Applications

    European Youth Is Our Only Hope... So If They're **** Then It's Slightly Akward! The Applications Well then, the search for new talent in... Europe! Our first stop to see which continents youth is the best. In ITV's sequel to hit series "The youth of footy", we will follow 12 relatively...
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    The FM Base Takeover

    West Ham Bankrupt After accusations that West Ham were in increasing debt, they have looked for any investers to provide vital funds. No one has offered to save the club, however today a group of football fans called FM Base has offered to take over the club. Luko Brownlee is leading the...
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    The Champions League To Blue Square Premier League Challenge

    The Champions League To Blue Square Premier League Challenge Do you have a team/Player in the prem you hate? Or just are bored of being brilliant at fm 2012? So if you've just made San Marino the greatest footballing country in world, or taken Truro up to the Premier League then why not...
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    A South American Dream From My Father

    A South American Dream From My Father My father was a great man, and the reason you are reading this. He had been destined to play for Argentinian club Independente but was denied a contract after he was involved in a shooting and lost his left arm. At the age of 20 he was left with nothing. So...
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    XML Parsing Error HELP, suicide may be the only option

    I cant get FM 2012 to work, because it repeatidly says: XML Parsing error not well formed (invalid token) at line 1._ Config.Xml It would be much appriciated if someone has actually encountered this problem and knows exactly what to do, but any advice at all would be brilliant Please note I...
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    Think You have a bargain!

    Simple really, if you've a great player for a tiny price then post it here