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Recent content by maxxie

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    No reminder to register players & AI not registering new signings?

    So i'm using a custom db and have run into a couple of problems. Firstly, I don't get a reminder to register players on the registration deadline, so if it passes without me knowing, my whole team is ineligible. The most annoying part is that AI teams aren't registering their players so they're...
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    Laptop shutting down ONLY when playing FM

    I know I know, it's probably overheating, need to clean the fan. At the moment I cant get the laptop undone, the screws dont seem to want to come out so I cant get to the fan. My question is, why does this only happen when I'm playing FM? I have FIFA13 on my laptop as well, it gets plenty hot...
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    Do B-Team players get paid appearance fees? (Spain)

    I'm Atletico and was wondering if my b team players are getting paid appearance fees/goal bonuses as Atletico B is a club on it's own and playing in a (non-playable) competitive league. So do they only get appearance fees for my first team or do they get them for b team games as well?
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    Why won't he enter negotiations?

    Okay, I'm Atletico Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo has decided he doesn't want to play for Real anymore because his manager fined him. I'm used FMRTE to get rid of the rivalry between Atletico and Real and made Atletico a favourite for him, mad Real not a favourite but he still won't enter talks...
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    How up to date is FM12?

    So was just wondering how up to date the game proper will be as far as transfers and such. For instance, I'm a Brisbane Roar fan and we got some new players fairly recently (the league only started this past weekend), not to mention the club was just bought by foreign owners. Other A-league...
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    Will players keep new positions if you retrain them again?

    I've got a player who started as a M/AM C but I retrained him to play AML to play inside forward. Now I was thinking about training him to play ST so he can be my deep lying forward. He's retrained so well in AML that it is now listed as a 'natural' position for so I was wondering if this...
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    How do I get my spanish B team promoted from non-league?

    Okay, I'm Real Madrid and I want my Castilla team promoted to the Adelante. I thought it might have something to do with reputation cos I've heard that somewhere on here, so I used FMRTE to increase their rep, nothing. New season starts but no promotion. Any ideas?
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    When should you try to get your young players to peak?

    Okay, so I was reading up on PA and CA because I've never really looked into it and the thread I found said that if younger players reach their PA to early, they burn out or something and won't be as good as they could be. I was more inclined to just use a 'the sooner the better' tactic when...
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    Unrealistic rivalries anyone?

    Okay, I've had trouble as Real Madrid to sign players from clubs like Espanyol because of their supposed unbelievably strong rivalry with Real. I also tried to sign Buonanotte from Athletico and he won't sign for the same reason. I get that is a legit rivalry but the kid has been there a little...
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    Horrible Defense all of a sudden?

    Okay, I had a good balance between scoring and defense for over a year but for my last 15 or so games I've conceded over a goal a game whereas I used to concede a goal every 3games. I do have a very attacking formation but we kept other teams from scoring by dominating possession and now other...
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    Once and for all, is there any difference between the tutoring options?

    I'm wanting to tutor Khouma Babacar with Cristian Ronaldo and I'm wondering if there is a difference between the options like there was in previous games. For reference: 1) As a senior member of the squad, I'd like you to tutor (young player's name) as I feel he can benefit from your...
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    What happened to my goalkeeper?

    Okay, all of a sudden my keeper (Iker Casillas) is terrible. He rarely holds onto shots and when a player goes at him one on one he NEVER dives for a save. Seriously, they go to the side and he watches them, fails to get in between them and the goal, then watches as they shoot without trying to...
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    Cristiano Ronaldo free kicks

    Why is he so ****? Question is simple as that. Out of the 20 goals he's scored this season, pretty sure NONE were free kicks, I think one last season was a goal, that's one out of 71. Not sure if it's him or the game in general because its my first save but he kicks it into the wall EVERY...
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    How do you sell Benzema

    I've got enough strikers and Benzema is now 'surplus to requirements' but is hard to sell because of his monster wages. Anyone had luck with selling him?
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    How to get youth team to play tactics you select?

    Okay, I set up my youth team but when they play games, they end up playing a 4-4-2 and don't use the players I want them to. If I tick the 'use current tactics' they end up using the first team formation and again, don't use the players I want. Anyone know how to fix this?