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    Angel Di Maria under Ancelotti. How to make him play like that again?

    In past FM titles, you could put a CM (attack) in your midfield and instruct him to ''run wide with the ball.'' which when combined with a PPM or 2, would make that role work... in this years title however, i cannot seem to get it right... the midfielder just stays in the middle too much and...
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    How do i make Juve, Milan and Roma get good so i don't win the league so easy?

    Playing as Inter, topping by 10 points for years. This is boring fam.
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    Regen hair pack for 2017?

    I sorta kinda need one, cus the way my regens look ****** me off
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    Chinese guy buys my club, now i have unlimited funds? AWESOME?

    I was trying to re-create my FM14 dinamo save, where this obv. didn't happen, but i'm gonna stick with this lol.
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    Best shape for the BUNDESLIGA/2. BUNDESLIGA?

    It is very common for teams in those leagues to play 4411 and 442. What shape do you feel dominates those the most? I know 442 teams struggle against 352. I know 4411 teams don't.
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    When you're about to rage-quit your save and then you see this...

    Started with Dynamo Dresden after the bull-head incident in real life, cus it's hardcore asf. Got promoted first year. 2nd season in 2. Bundesliga i started 7 games, 19 points then it went to ****, fell down the table fast. 7 games no win. Was just about to quit cus FM17 comes out soon so ****...
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    Balotelli and Arnautovic screenshots.

    No access to the game now, kinda bored at work, planning ahead my new save. Would appreciate the screenshots. Can be a year or two into the game, even.
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    Removing the NON-EU player rule... + what the ****.

    I don't know how to do it using the editor... don't have the patience to look anymore. Anyone? I don't want it down everywhere... just in one country (spain)... or make it for just south american players so more of them can be registered... Appreciate any help. Also, what the **** is this...
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    Guys who have already stopped playing FM16, what will you do first in FM17?

    My plans: To add on to it. I want to dominate Asian football. This team will be my starting point, as i love Graziano Pelle. A part of my goals will be to also replace him.
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    I tweak my tactic for EVERY game, ask me anything.

    I never play the same tactic two games in a row. Even if it's as simple as a IF to W change, i always seek out what i'm better off doing against certain opponents. Looking at the squad they're likely to field and seeing what the weak links and how to exploit them. I'm not claiming to be...
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    Central/Attacking Midfielder -> Run wide with the ball

    That option is not availible anymore or is there something i am missing?
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    Lacking inspiration.

    I'd rather kill myself than play 433/4231 or 442 or any typical formation i have already played a 1000 times before... I have done 'strikerless' - i have done catenaccio - modern 3atb - brazil 2002 wc - simeone - everything. Now i want to start a new save, but i feel like i have done...
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    What i love the most about FM :D

    When you're NOT winning everything - you strive to win everything. It causes frustration and gets you punching walls like NOTHING else in the ENTIRE world does. When you start winning everything - you get bored... So you seek a new challenge, even tho YOU KNOW all the anger that is coming...
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    Do yourself a favor and do THIS!

    *only if you're a team which has some extra money* Personally i hate getting the 100M€ transfer budgets, because i never spend them... So what i did last year and this year is i would go into Staff - Responsibilities and give 'Finds and makes offers for young players for the future' to my...