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    Brighton fifth season

    Into my fifth season with Brighton and just managed to qualify for Champions League. Want to sign some quality players so we can challenge in the Champions League and for the title next season. I have around £30m plus £120k wage. Here's the squad: Kuszczak, El-Abd, Juanfran, Buckley, Ulloa and...
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    BAP: 44 players, 2 teams, which one will reign supreme? GAME THREAD

    Following Colchester and Oldham going into liquidation and leaving League 1 the FA have introduced 2 new clubs into the League: FM Athletico (team 1) and FM Baselona (team 2). Both teams are made up of a number of promising youngsters who have the ability to match the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo...
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    BAP: 44 players, 2 teams, which one will reign supreme?

    Now that I have finished uni I thought I create a BAP. There will be two teams based in League 1: Team 1 and Team 2. Will come up with better names and if people have suggestions let me know! You pick which team you want to play for and we will see which team comes out on top. Every player will...
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    Which one of these challenges would you like to see?

    Since I've finished Uni for the summer thought I'd start up a challenge. Vote for one of the following: First challenge: BAP, 44 PLAYERS, 2 TEAMS, WHICH TEAM WILL DOMINATE EUROPE? This will be a BAP where 44 players are split between 2 teams (22 players for each). The clubs will be created in...
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    Potential challenge - discussion

    I want to discuss a potential challenge. I was planning to setup a challenge where all the nations have the same youth rating and you have to manage one of the lower nations and take them to the top. I was just wondering if it was possible in say 5-10 seasons a smaller nation could win the world...
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    Signings for Man Utd, 3rd season

    Current squad: So I have 45million to spend and a lot of wage. That is my current squad and Luke shaw (20m) and Robert Zieler (free) are coming at the end of the season. I also have Balanta, Powell, Zaha, Januzaj, Sam Byram, Angelo Henriquez and Gabriel Barbosa all returning from...
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    Seagulls Soaring Once Again

    Reason Decided to start a Brighton save after my success with them in FM13. After 6 seasons I went from a mid-table Championship side to Premier League winners. I won the League cup 4 times, reached Euro Cup semi-finals, FA Cup semi-finals and Champions League semi-finals (in first attempt)...
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    Global Free Agent Challenge - FM 2014

    Updated the links. For some reason when you click on the hyperlink it says the file no longer exists. So you have to copy and paste the link into your browser and it should work fine! The Global Free Agent Challenge is back again this. Basically for those who have not heard of it: the players...
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    Global free agent challenge help

    I'm creating the gfa challenge again this year (just finished prem). Basically, I'm having problems sorting the budgets. In previous FM's the teams were fine with ?1.5m wage budget and no transfers budget or balance. But in this year FM I noticed when you sign free agents it can affect the...
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    Should i sell myself?

    Hopefully the name of the thread got your attention. Anyway, in every FM I create a version of myself and put it in the game. This year I started with 110 CA and 190 PA. Into my fifth season (currently 23) and Real Madrid and Chelsea come in with an offer which I manage to negotiate to ?34m. So...
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    Struggling with tactic for created team

    As the title says I am struggling making a tactic for a team based on my college team. The players are between 105 and 120 CA so should be dominating League one really but I'm getting inconsistent results. Anyway here is my first team line up and subs: GK DR DC DC DL MC MC AMR AMC AML ST Subs
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    Matt's Auction Game Official Thread

    Matt's Auction Game So here we go! I will run this auction game for at least 5 seasons, doing updates every six months. I will post squads, transfers, league and cup form. Also let me know if there is anything you want posted. So who win? Database:
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    Should I keep these 2 players?

    In my Brighton save I have both Gareth Barry and Michael carrick who are both 35 and I have a choice whether to release them or offer them new deals. Both played 10-15 games last season each and both players can still offer experience and quality. But I feel it stifles some of my younger players...
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    5th season and need some signings for Brighton

    About to start my 5th season with Brighton and have £20m to spend. Here is my squad and tactics: I also have Chris Smalling coming in for £11m and Maupay for £12m. El-Abd, Fernando Torres and Kuszsckak are all leaving. What players I need: Back up keeper - could promote youngster Walton (plus...
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    Do stadiums further away cause player fatigue?

    Doing an auction game and each team will probably have stadiums in different places. Just wondering having stadiums in different countries will it lead to players getting more fatigued?