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    Help please!

    Hello I am stuck in game at the minute. It is on 62 Minutes, my ML has a rating of 6.2 and has been like this since just before half time. I don't have anyone on the bench able to play in that position, is there anything I can do? For instance put a player there out of position or just leave...
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    Hello all, I am playing a game where quite a few players are on 6.4 match rating. I can only make 3 subs so what do you look at after rating? Fitness is fine were just having a poor game. Thanks
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    Team overview

    Hi All, Just wondering how others approach this. When you take over a new team from the start, how do you ***** your squad? Some filter by player value Some look into attributes Some go by star rating So what's your choice?
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    Quick Scout Question

    Hi Guys, Could someone answer this for me? I am managing in national league south, my board says I can have 2 scouts but here's the question..... The 1 I have is English, and I can only find English scouts wanting to join, if I got a 2nd one would this produce more players on the player...
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    When player searching

    Hi All, Just wondering what everyone feels about this scenario. I am looking to sign a striker, I have put all the details I want in the search tab. I am presented with a player who is natural as ST, but also natural as MR. After looking at his profile, it describes him as a winger. Will he...
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    Report Card

    Hi All, I am having an issue with the game, on previous versions you could get your scout to give you a report card only on a player. Has it changed this year? It seems to take my scout a long time to report back, or am I not looking in the right place? Thanks
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    Extra Leagues in England

    Hello Guys, Is anyone doing extra leagues for English teams? Maybe down to level 9 or 10? I am having issues with the one posted here so was wondering if anyone is in the process of making one? Cheers
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    Match Sharpness

    Guys, How is it best to raise Match sharpness? I am managing in the Vandarama North and have played 8 friendlies yet match sharpness is still low. Obviously training dont take place everyday as were part time so, how else can I raise this?
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    Hi All, Do you all negotiate contracts yourself or delegate to your Director of football? I tend to delegate but when I do this the DOF does not seem to take finances into account and I end up in the Red. So thought's?
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    summer break

    Hi, Do player attributes decline during the summer break? I know fitness does and you have to prepare them via friendlies etc but does anything else?
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    How low is too low?

    Ok Probably another strange question (WJ) I read about people looking for players with at least 14 in important attributes for the premier league, so would say 9 be a good judgement for vandarama north/south?
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    Team Cohesion

    Guys, Before the start of the season I use team cohesion during training, if you were to accept a job halfway through the season would you then use this again??
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    How do you guys go about discipline?

    When you have a player sent off what do you do? Warning? Fine 1 week wage? Fine 2 weeks wage? I usually give warnings for first time then 1 week, then 2 week
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    How Many Is Too Many

    Guys, I have heard before somewhere that you should not sign too many players at the same time due to them not being able to play together etc etc. So, how many signings is a top end amount to be safe?
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    Would you have picked the same team?

    Help Guys, Would you have done the same, if not why?